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Nothing . Hiatus . Ask me via pm or comment for infos .

P.S. : If you feel like wanting a chit-chat , I let you know this : DO NOT EVER ******** ATTEMPT IF YOU AREN'T CLOSED ENOUGH OR IF YOU EVER WANT A DONATION , UHM , NO , I QUIT ON GIVING AND GIFTING ANYMORE , I'VE BEEN BETRAYED AND NOT BEING APPRECIATE NOR BEEN TREATED GOODLY PLUS I LOSE ******** LOTS OF BILLIONS BECAUSE OF IT SINCE I STARTED GAIA SINCE '08 , BUY GCASH OR JUST START SOMEWHERE THEN , DO NOT BEG . Just try me , probably I will let go of one or two of my item though whenever my mood is okay I guess .

Contact : Just send me pm or try comment .

Have a nice day / night lol .

s**t i got on . don't ask me what it is , just click to view them .

stalkers .

Colder Rain

2nd locked mule account .

Main account .