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    My Deviantart: http://WellHidden.deviantart.com

    During October (and some other rare times) I wear a faceless avatar with eyes, made originally by me as a Gaian OC.
    If you see it, don't be shocked about its lack of a face and it won't be shocked about you having one.

    Please Scroll Down (most likely using your middle mouse wheel) and continue reading. c:

    The name is Ari.
    Pleasure to meet you.
    Yes, you. In the back.
    No, the one looking down, trying to ignore me.
    There we go. Hey.
    You're just the kind of person I'd love to greet.

    I don't judge, nor do I gossip about anyone nor anything.
    I live by the quote;
    "There is little room for wisdom when one's head is filled with judgement."
    By that, I will say that I make friends with anyone despite any flaws they feel they have. I think everyone deserves respect in the hellish world of judgement we live in.
    So, don't be afraid to talk to me.
    I love to be friends with the people who constantly bag themselves down into drowning water only because I know how it feels. I'd love to help, just talk, or cheer you up whenever you need it.
    I love anyone, and everyone if they're willin' to put up with me.

    Just know that I'm shy and I will normally never start the conversation.
    Bad habit of mine.

    Forever running Golden Forest,

    ✖Made the first headless-with-eyes avatar: 11/5/09
    ✖Making My Avi Male day: 9/13/09
    ✖Stopped being a Devil-Imp day: 3/7/09



They call me Cognize.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

My profile is broken. I'll try and fix it eventually.