ayy lmao

You can call me Amanda, Cocovet, Coco, whatever.

I absolutely LOVE Powerpuff Girls, Earthbound, Tales of Symphonia, Ranma 1/2, Cardcaptor Sakura, Animal Crossing and Archie Comics.

My b***h a** loves to talk about myself, so my favourite Pokemon are Cubone/Marowak, Jolteon, Espeon, Rattata/Raticate, Machoke, Gyarados, Tyranitar, Gardevoir, and Azumarill.

I'm not done. I like Heart, Marina and the Diamonds, Cheap Trick, Johnny Cash, ABBA, Metric, Queen, Kimbra, My Chemical Romance (pls, I'm an edgy teenager at heart), Led Zeppelin (NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE YYYYEAH, NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE), Rolling Stones (I'LL NEVER BE YOUR BEAST OF BUUUUURDEN) and Pink Floyd (Everyone loves The Wall, and I'm no exception but I really dig Animals).


F r i e n d s

Mary- MY LOVE, MY LIFE. You're one of my best friends and I'm grateful for how well you treat me. You made this last month AND summer 2015 the best times of my life. Ilu......slime man

Amanda- Bae. smilies/icon_redface.gif I like our girl-talk and the fact that you go out of your way to talk to me. Ilu, you're one of my favourite people. :3c

Sasu- My Sasubae. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif I lost count of how many times you've made me laugh hard af and I like gossiping and real-talk with you. Ilu.

Vanelle- My girl.~ You've always been very attentive and supportive of me for all the time that I've known you, and ilu for that. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

Leon- One of my best friends for a lot of reasons, but especially because you make me laugh and we get along so well that it's easy to talk to you. Ilu. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

Doc- HOLY s**t, you have no idea how much ilu. The most hilarious friend I've ever had; I enjoy your DND stories and you made summer 2015 the best summer of my life. Ilu.

David- Fofov. ;v; My greatest memory of you is the whole summer we hung out running around towns, playing Animal Crossing and Smash Bros that one time. One of the best people I know, and ilu.

Jay- Jay-bae. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Thank u for that one you tried to teach my dumbass how to play MH4U and that one time you absolutely destroyed me at Smash Bros. I like that we jump and cosplay from fandom-to-fandom together. Ilu.

Kai- Lmao, thank u for all the p***y jokes, how would I live without them. I like talking about Fire Emblem guys and Tales series with you. Ilu.

Prim- PRIM MY BOY. The nicest guy I know and someone I really enjoy seeing in towns when he's not busy af. Ilu.


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