(=’ :’)
(,(”)(”) usagi!

"Well thats what friends are for right? :3
Walau dulu pas kamu baru kenal, kamu sering bikin aku jengkel haha. Tp aku tau kalo cara org berkomunikasi itu emg beda2, dan kamu emg beneran mau jd temenku ^^
So yeah, thanks for being a nice friend of mine since years ago~"

i really love this quotes, this is from my dear friend

i really have bad communication skill, sometimes i get the wrong idea of what people say to me, or sometimes i even reply with something out of topic. sweatdrop

but i do want to be friends with people here, i like to know lots of people

sort of INFP(-T) person, still lacking in social skills, tank in training
feel free to give me any tanking-related advice, i really appreciate that 3nodding