I love Anon messages! o u o

AnoNeine Wrote:
Somebody's suppose to fall in love, but nobody even calls. Somebody's suppose to tear this apart until you find me hiding, silently I wait. You'll be excited just to see me someday, everything's okay. - AnoNeine

teasy neckkisser Wrote:
*some arms pulls you in very close to his body and wraps them around your waist as he gently breaths against your neck and peck at it* Hello there beautiful *kisses your neck more and gently bites at it kissing it more* How are you?

~teasy neckkisser

Anon Wrote:
I swear it's not poisoned!
Eat as much of it as you want, Coco...


Nutty Anon Wrote:
I am sex-e-coco
and i have all the nuts.

I am Coco Nuts.

The Sweet Tooth Anon Wrote:
Oh me, oh my! How amazing you are!
Like a mountain of gold, a shooting star!
There's no one as great through the whole of space
And I wonder, just maybe, are you sweet to the taste?

Lots of love, The Sweet Tooth Anon

Not a Suspicious Senpai Wrote:
Sorry it's not the color you wanted, but here. <3

- Not a Suspicious Senpai

Art Anon Wrote:
Hello, I'm the Art Anon!
Tonight, I'm killing people's avatars for fun. smilies/icon_twisted.gif
Here's yours:
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Clown Anon Wrote:
1, 2, I am the clown for you. 3, 4, gonna hit the floor. 5, 6, you got drugged b***h. 7, 8, forever your mate. 9, 10, Idk anymore, but you've been drugged and now mine ok? Ok. - Clown

Anon Wrote:

The masked madman Wrote:
Someone pulls you close as you feel a sturdy built body behind you. "I suppose I should one up someone" you feel breath against your neck, and then soft lips that are gently pressed against it. Kissing your neck several times, "thank you"

The masked madman~

Teaser Anon Wrote:
Strong arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into a warm body.

"It's nice to know someone has noticed my absence." Soft lips brush against your neck, teeth nipping the flesh gently.

~Teaser Anon

Smaug Wrote:
Here this is yours now.
Hoard it.
Hoarding is fun.
I would know.

Sly Anon Wrote:
They say every rose has its thorns, but I think you'll be ok with this one.


Panties Anon Wrote:
"I can assure you, I in no way am trying to impose Teaser Anon" Panties Anon


Hello Lovelies (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

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C O M M E N T . m e P M . m e S T A L K . m e A D D . m e A R T . b y . m e
t h e . M A D N E S S G A N G . o f . G I V E R S r e : A U D A C I T Y

I'm quite good at ranting, but I want to try to keep things short here. My name's Nikie and I'm a 24 year-old girl from the Netherlands. I live together with my boyfriend Tom and my two cats named Ninja and Panda. I like a lot of things and I dislike some, and if you want to know more, just poke and ask. I'm quite easy to talk to. n u n

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