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Luna Coil Report | 09/29/2014 6:27 am
What road do I take?

"Where do you want to go?"

❥studying hard, getting cut tons and working to improve myself >.<

I don't know.

"Then, it really doesn't matter, does it?"
Luna Coil Report | 09/28/2014 8:17 pm
you ok Clarice
JDark_Angel_AzraelS Report | 09/26/2014 1:13 pm
I saw the funniest commercial ever today. It was a panda standing in front of someone pushing a shopping cart and they bumped into him and he turned toward them and flipped there cart xD
xmoonxlitxwalkx Report | 09/17/2014 6:00 am
-a ghost has wandered through here-
JDark_Angel_AzraelS Report | 09/16/2014 1:56 pm
Ill suck yo bean then blaugh
JDark_Angel_AzraelS Report | 09/16/2014 3:57 am
cani just suck your dik <3
Aki Mui Report | 09/11/2014 3:44 pm
okies ouo
Aki Mui Report | 09/11/2014 3:32 pm
Yes it has ouo
best teach ever
Aki Mui Report | 09/11/2014 1:34 pm
<333 so no house of mirrors at the fair or such
Aki Mui Report | 09/11/2014 1:22 pm
i figure it out, you don't get mirrors :'D

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