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The Hot Box Report | 08/27/2015 3:10 am
I noticed your status, and just wanted to wish you well on your hiatus emotion_kirakira
Come back soon Cloudy, you will be missed emotion_bigheart
Tea-Cake-Or-Death Report | 08/18/2015 8:39 am
Hey, I wanted to say thank you for the gift
Miki Moriyama Report | 08/15/2015 7:38 am
woah~~ I hope your fine.. sad get well and take care..
Tea-Cake-Or-Death Report | 08/14/2015 10:27 pm
Sweet, it's up to you, how could I pass of free guuds c:
Chrysallis Kate Report | 08/14/2015 7:09 am

eeyup~! 4laugh hehe whyie~?

The Hot Box Report | 08/12/2015 10:41 pm
I know I've said this before, but I can't not say it again
Thank you so much! crying emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
Miki Moriyama Report | 07/22/2015 1:34 pm
btw, what does your disability do to you??
The Hot Box Report | 07/14/2015 2:23 am
I see your feeling blue
and I just wanted to say I hope you feel happy again soon emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
Miki Moriyama Report | 07/13/2015 3:44 pm
thanks again and again hahaha it would have been if you gave me a set.. kidding! rofl
Miki Moriyama Report | 07/09/2015 10:32 pm

This is me <3

Hello friends smilies/icon_heart.gif

Well, I have a disability called Cerebral Palsey...
I use my left hand only mostly...
I watch only anime...
RWBY is my newest anime interest...
I am pretty easy goin...
Like a leaf dancing in the wind I go with the flow...
I am alone...

Collects: Anime, Little Apple dolls,

Passion: Saving unwanted/neglected pets

The Hot Box
xXx Jackel xXx