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Mitzuke's (xDOOOMYx) XMAS 2011 GIFT TO ME!! TY BRIAN! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

She's amazing!!!

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PopTart Kisses! Thank you!

Lonely Star Saiph! Thanks a ton!!!



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Tiippie Report | 05/12/2014 10:12 am
I havent seen you around where have you been? XDDD
Splodges Report | 05/11/2014 8:08 pm
It's okay. The ex actually texted me, maybe a couple months ago or so? I can't remember. He actually told me that he was sorry for screwing things up. Like he never realised what he had until it was too late. Meh, I don't care or worry about him though. Ohh how was your moms Mother's Day? Aww you're a little wolfy!! How have you been doing anyways?
Tiippie Report | 05/11/2014 4:05 pm
omg Long time no see Cloud!!!
Splodges Report | 02/15/2014 1:35 pm
I can't wait to hear it then. I actually just got back from my Grandmas home. It was her birthday Valentines Day and we threw her a bbq party today. So I got to see everyone plus other relatives I've never met before. It was a lot of fun. I had to come home though because of Oskar. My keychains are so girly. >.< I do have some panda head beads and so far made one panda keychain. I plan on making all of them. Once I am done I plan on selling them. I have another bad headache. Ugh. I think it's from stress and anxiety lately.

I love love love singing. It's a lot of fun. I just need to practice singing more in the house. Maybe then I'll stop caring at who listens and who doesn't. I also love doing other things too as well. I picked up knitting(I'm still a beginner). I'm trying to learn different knitting techniques for different designs and patterns. It's fun and such a learning experience.

My boyfriend (Sir(That's what I call him anyways)) we actually met on a penpal site. After my Mum had passed away I was very depressed. I started dating a friend of mine that I knew for a really long time. He started to act a little weird around me and would avoid me. So I knew something was wrong. I felt more and more depressed. I wanted to end it all, but something inside me kept pushing me to fight to live another day. One night I decided to make a account on this penpal site. I thought it would be so cool to make at least one friend that I could actually talk to. I honestly felt like I was shopping for a friend because I came across different photos of people and things. Then I came across this one particular photo of a cute little mouse sitting on a wooden horse. I sent them a message (thinking I'd never hear back)..surprisingly he wrote me back. Neither he or myself were expecting to be more than friends. We talked about photography a lot and the places we've been to. Countries we visited. The city we live in. Later on I found out the guy I was with cheated on me with his exgf. So Sir was there for me. He was an amazing friend. Not because he was there during my breakup, but also because he could also relate to how I felt about losing my Mum. We both enjoy cooking and baking and would do those things together while on cam some times. So it was fun to compare dishes with each other. Then in December we made a date to go out one night and take photos with our DSLR cameras of our downtown. (We were still friends) and we talked every single day through email and texts. After I took my photos I started to feel a weird pain in my upper right side of my ribs. This was about 8pm. I sent Sir the photos and we were on Skype. I told him I wasn't feeling well and that I'd talk to him later. The pain got worse and worse to where I was laying down. My aunt(that was living with us) and my dad were worried. So my dad took me to the hospital. I texted Sir and told him what was going on. I was having tests done on me to make sure it wasn't anything serious. The doctors kept giving me pain medicine but nothing was working. So finally a nurse said "We're going to give you something that's for the gallbladder. If the pain stops then let us know." Within two minutes the pain got duller and duller. turned out I had gallstones. So I was scheduled for surgery the next morning. I told Sir and he felt relieved that it wasnt anything too serious. That Sunday I came home. But it was so lonely in the hospital. I hated it. I remember that saturday night I was crying as I watched some christmas movies on the tv. I just wanted to go home. Through out the time I was in the hospital and even once I got home Sir showed a lot of care and support. Even when I was depressed, he was there for me. I started to like him a lot. I was trying really hard not to because we live so far away from each other. It's Christmas day and he emailed me. Wishing my family and I a Merry Christmas. He told me how he felt about me. It made me so happy inside. I couldn't stop smiling.
Splodges Report | 02/13/2014 9:27 pm
OMG when I woke up today I had to hear it again. >.< I'm guilty for replaying your song. It's literally has been stuck in my head. I'm a pretty crafty/artsy/musically inclined person. So today my dad took me to a arts and crafts store that just opened in a town not far from me. Store is call JoAnn's. The store is crowded ( I am clausteraphobic.) Everything was overly priced. Even with their so called "sales"..Those sales are very misleading. stressed I spent 40$ on glass and ceramic beads, it wasn't a large quantity either. When I got home I made home made chicken fajitas for dinner for my dad and I. We had chicken fajita tacos and they were delish! Then after that I started making keychains out of the beads that I bought. They look awesome. <3 I ended up getting a really bad headache and eye ache from being in that store. We didn't get home till after 5pm..It's already 11:21pm and I am still suffering with headache and eye ache pain. I took four ibuprofens. neutral If you still have the same number I can send you a photo of my keychains in a text. I plan on selling them on Etsy after I finish making them all. My grandma's birthday is on Valentines Day. So my dad will be going over there to help my uncles set up her birthday party on saturday. I can't wait to see her Saturday. I'll be taking photos for sure~ ^.^ Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I do have a Valentine. My boyfriend!!~ Sadly that we won't be hanging out physically. We'll probably be gaming on the xbox, maybe watch a movie, or show together.

After Valentines I'll start going over some music. My boyfriend has heard me sing and said that I have a good voice. ^/////^ I have a small recording of myself singing because he wanted to hear me one day. I'm too shy to sing in front of anyone anyway. So it makes me wonder how I'll be in front of a camera. >.< Ohh by the way, how are you doing? Any plans for Valentines Day?
Splodges Report | 02/11/2014 10:32 am
Oh it's okay. ^.^ I'll consider relearning a old song or maybe learn a new song. Right now is not a good time for me. I'm so not feeling well right now. I really love this new song of yours though. heart I'm on replay already~
Splodges Report | 02/03/2014 10:25 am
Hahahahaha!!~ That made me laugh. You're very welcome<33 Any new videos? You might have me confused with someone else? There is only one video that I can think of that I posted years ago on youtube of my old Boston Terrier that tripped. I don't even remember the account for that video either. Hmmm. Although I must admit I have been thinking about making videos lately. I was thinking of making a video of me playing the guitar and singing(doing cover songs). I don't have a video camera. I'd have to brush up on playing first because I haven't played in forever. The songs I once knew how to play I vaguely remember how to play. Even the easiest songs. Like Nirvanas Smells Like Teen Spirit. >.< I honestly sound like rubbish now.
Splodges Report | 02/02/2014 2:54 pm
Well don't give up. I can tell that you really and truly do have a good strong singing voice. Everything has been okay so far. Thank you for asking. ^.^ It was so warm yesterday and then today it's sooo cold. Brrrrrr~~ heart
Splodges Report | 01/26/2014 6:53 pm
It's cool~ ^.^ How have you been? How's the music coming along?
Splodges Report | 12/25/2013 3:07 pm
Merry Christmas Tim!~