Hello and Welcome,

I'm not sure what to write here really,
There isn't much to say, I suppose.
But here is something you should note before speaking to me;
If I apologize about something, I mean it.
Please do not go beyond my apology,
I apologized, I understood I was wrong, no need to rub salt on my 'wounds'.

I tend to protect those I care about.
Meaning if you hurt those dear to me,
Yeah you will be having a problem with me too.
Shocking, I know,
Considering Gaia is mostly filled with fake smiles and fake happy faces...
But that's how it is.

With that being said -

Feel free to talk to me
By leaving a comment
A private message...

About Donations...
Don't get me wrong, I do donate when I can,
I even enjoy helping others...

Counting all the gold and prices of items I donated so far,
You could easily reach 1 trillion gold.
But I choose who I donate to..

So begging won't help here, in fact it will be ignored,
//No point in sending me a private message about it!


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