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I don't have anything much to say about myself,
There isnt much to tell...
I guess if you really want to get to know me you will simply
Need to talk to me.

With all that said,
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So where do I even start to explain this perfect person that is in my life?
It's been almost full Six Years since her and I met. . .
And yet, it feels like it was just yesterday that it happened,
Yes, It might sound crazy but this lady makes me forget about time itself,
It seems unreal to me that so many years passed. . .
Her and I never planned for all this to happen,
If you will ask me or her how it did, we won't be able to answer that...
But one thing for sure, it's something both her and I are thankful for.
I will never forget how shy of a person she was at first...
And how I, luckily for me, managed to help her open up more and to even speak her mind,
I knew from the start she was a great person but what I discovered then was more than just that,
What I discovered then is such a smart and kind personality that is simply beyond words to explain...
As time passed, her and I only spoke more and more,
heck, even full days wouldn't be enough for her and I.
I didn't know if right at the start she needed me?
Or maybe I needed her?
But time made it clear that we needed each other. . .
And ever since we accepted that and turned things into what they are today...
I can honestly say I don't regret it,
Yeah, Sure...her and I had our ups and downs but yet we pulled through' everything,
Whenever I needed her she was there,
Always supporting, always believing in me even when no one else did.
For that and much more, I am thankful to her,
I loved her for a long time and im sure it won't change.
So this is for you, my love,
To know that you matter more than you think,
That you changed my life in ways I didn't know were even possible,
I hope and wish that we will have many more years ahead of us together,

I love you,
Perhaps more than you will ever know.

. . . .

Lately, I've been requested often to list all of the items I use or some, which is a big compliment to me that people like what I
did with my avi.

Also I've seen people who simply don't ask and just copy it fully
or almost fully.

Believe it or not, there were people that were upset at me for
not telling them. but if I wanted the items I use to be known,
don't you think I would have kept the list of the items I use viewable?

As much as it feels great to know that I inspire people to cosplay on here, please do it using your own creativity. if you like something it doesn't mean you have to
copy it and it also doesn't mean that you should get mad at
the person for not willing to share the ideas.

Thanks, have a great day.

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