Welcome to my profile....
Feel free to contact me in pms or comments,
whatever you prefer.

So I finally finished my army service time in real life,
which means I will be more available here than I was before,
However, I will still be busy with other things, That's just how I am..
Can't stay still in one place for too long...

I am Taken,
by the most amazing girl in the world, Tifa Strifeharts

if you want to get to know her - Click here
She has been with me through' good times and bad times,
When I felt like everyone are against me, she always remained.
Believe me when I say she is the very best..
and if you do decide to try being her friend you will not regret it.
We went through' a lot of complicated things until we finally got it right...
If you will try to hurt her, or ruin what she and I have,
Expect to be hit with a cactuar straight to your face >_>

It includes those lifeless drama creators,
Those who really try to dig into my life,
And then decide things and spread rumors from what they find..
Or those who are here just to stalk me due to past dramas.
Just leave now,
I had more than enough of it.



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Honorable SOLDIER

Report | 09/29/2014 11:57 am

Honorable SOLDIER

Damn right
Honorable SOLDIER

Report | 09/29/2014 11:43 am

Honorable SOLDIER

-smacks spear against shield-

Spartan armor!
Reno Is Magnetic

Report | 09/28/2014 7:18 am

Reno Is Magnetic

*leans back lazily* Can't complain. Got the day off, headed to Kalm for some R&R next week. Hope it stays calm, yo. Vacations always seem to turn into work. Whatcha been up to?
Reno Is Magnetic

Report | 09/27/2014 5:11 pm

Reno Is Magnetic

Yo, spiky-hair! 'Sup?
Tifa Strifeharts

Report | 09/23/2014 3:17 am

Tifa Strifeharts

Thank you! emotion_bigheart
Tifa Strifeharts

Report | 09/23/2014 3:11 am

Tifa Strifeharts

Nice profile, my love c:
Tifa Strifeharts

Report | 09/22/2014 6:25 am

Tifa Strifeharts

Okay now I'm not sure if we even have a lecture >_>; we're all waiting and no one is here.
Maybe we can go home early! 8D
Tifa Strifeharts

Report | 09/22/2014 6:16 am

Tifa Strifeharts

Well the lecture should start right now, and no one is here xD
I'll be back soonish..
I'm so happy you're back! Really, I looked forward to it so much x3
See you soon I hope.. I love you
Tifa Strifeharts

Report | 09/22/2014 6:05 am

Tifa Strifeharts

Glad to hear you're good :3
But yeah I bet you are tired o.o did everything go okay returning things and all?

I'm good..ish xD
just had two lectures in this new building and I have one more before I can go home e_e
I'm starting to get headache, they're taking 2 hours to tell us things they taught us years ago. stare
and because we already know it, it's difficult to not daydream xD
it sucks.
2 more hours and I can go home.... burning_eyes
Tifa Strifeharts

Report | 09/22/2014 5:39 am

Tifa Strifeharts

Heyyy welcome back!
And CONGRATS!! blaugh
how are you? xD


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