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Report | 10/17/2017 10:38 pm


Surprisingly a bit lucky-- JUST A BIT THO. impulse bought some old skins though *cough**cough*Mercy's*cough**cough*
I NEED REAPER'S ONE- EVEN IF IT DOESN'T LOOK TOO APPEALING. My collection of his skins would be complete once I get Shiver during the Winter event.
He's like... the one character I have almost everything for. LOL

Gurl, I thought I'd be indifferent towards McCree's new skin- since he looks like he stole Reaper's arm cosmetic with the hand with claws.
But I actually like it. Sue me if you don't, lmaoo.
I actually been using the event games to practice McCree's and it's definitely working out for me. Got two shutdown potg's- both when killing Genjis.

Just been dying over University & other stuff that I barely have been able to get on skype.
BUT I AM ONLINE. ; V ; even if it says I'm not or "do not disturb"
I'm soz. ;;;;;;
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Report | 10/15/2017 9:35 pm


Ayyyy. That's awesome. 💜💜💜
Omg, I kinda sorta forgot my other one... Idk if I saved it. LMAO

How you liking the event??? Got any new skins?
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Report | 10/14/2017 9:13 am


ANYTIME GURL...!! 💜💜💜💜💜
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Report | 10/13/2017 10:41 pm


You're welcome~
aww thank you! i love your avi too!
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Report | 10/13/2017 7:18 pm


Happy birthday, Mollie!! <3
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Report | 10/13/2017 2:14 pm


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Report | 10/13/2017 11:16 am


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Report | 09/23/2017 6:02 pm

Archiduquesa Akako

        ... i may have had to check what i posted in your profile to remember what that comment was sweatdrop

        happy weekend emotion_bigheart
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Report | 09/23/2017 12:41 pm


u vu
Thought I'd say hi.
So, hi.
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Report | 09/18/2017 6:45 am

Archiduquesa Akako

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Report | 09/17/2017 3:22 am

Archiduquesa Akako

        bdo is just another mmo tbh BUT GUESS WHAT

        its coming to xbox ! t'was announced in E3 but not happening till early 2018.

        i feel like i missed out on the overwatch crowd orz ... maybe someday >>"
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Report | 09/17/2017 2:52 am

Archiduquesa Akako

        ngl ... all i play nowadays is Black Desert Online >///<

        ... i mean occasionally would play something tabletop or other steam games with friends but redface

        wbu~ any games? emotion_kirakira
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Report | 09/17/2017 12:17 am

Archiduquesa Akako

        yea adulting is exhausting, would rather game and bingewatch heart

        that christmas break tho emotion_dowant
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Report | 09/15/2017 8:41 pm

Archiduquesa Akako

        yeee i need to use my friend's item owo

        and its supah ok~ tbh i haven't been on much lately so ><"
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Report | 09/15/2017 8:23 pm

Archiduquesa Akako

        and you look so precious emotion_bigheart /puts you in a jar
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Report | 09/14/2017 8:59 am


hello im ur biggest fan
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Report | 08/12/2017 5:31 pm


LOL it's okay..!

I JUST got her enabler and naptime within a span of a few days after helping a couple friends get some of their cute sprays for D.Va and Zarya.
I'm okay as her not THE best but better than nothing. Lots of practice though & I put myself a little less in danger if I'm a bit in the distance than being Mercy.

I got mad respect for them too...!
I'm actually still getting back to Reaper but I got Sym & Ana as a close 2nd/3rd.
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Report | 08/12/2017 7:59 am

Archiduquesa Akako

        omo no need to every apologize ... coz i do it too >////<

        also, you be the purdiest trash wink
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Report | 08/11/2017 11:09 am


Should I send you mine or vice versa???
My skype's user so lame since I had to make one using a lameass e-mail that I remembered since I use my primary one for work, school, etc.
That and... I made it this year so.. ; v ;""

OMG. I'm the same way with my teammates when it comes to Lucioball-- and it's my first year playing it too. They want to do comp. Lucio ball and I'm just like... "?!!! UUUUHHHHHHH"

I tried working with Ana and I ALWAYS makes sure to check all my surroundings & just stay at a distance with sniping & a Doomfist ALWAYS CATCHES ME OFF GUARD AND BY SURPRISE. I'm just like "HEELLLOO WHERE'D YOU COME FROM???"

I don't think I'll ever play him unless mystery heroes or if I had the motivation to.

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Report | 08/06/2017 8:46 pm

Archiduquesa Akako

        i saw your adorable avi in my comment page and i swear its a cycle.

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