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I am Claude Faustus Head Butler of the Trancy Estate
I am in service to Alois Trancy.
If you wish to contact me personally, Please feel free to send me a private message or leave a comment.
Thank you

I will be trimming my friends list only to those that I'm currently RPing with on a regular basis, if I cut you off It's nothing personal.
Edit: btw, I tend to prefer RPing in the forums or guilds/PMs, not so much in the comments section or in Towns, unless I get an invite of sorts.

On that same vein, I will no longer be accepting random friend requests unless you are an RP partner or someone of significance to me.

If you are interested in RPing with me here are some links to my RP threads:

~My Wanted 1x1 RP list
~Black Butler Cafe
~Funtom Bed and Breakfast

"Join us for some Tea, Conversion and Intrigue."
@}-}-- Now Open! --{-{@