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"Day into night, sugar into salt, living to dead, and navy blue into gold.
That's what makes a Trancy butler."

I am Claude Faustus Head Butler in service to Lord Alois Trancy.

I am contracted to:
Xx Lord ALois Trancy xX = & = The Earl Alois Trancy


About me OOC:
This is my main account, I have other Kuroshitsuji related accounts that I like to RP as, (Sebastian Michalis, Ciel Phantomhive, William T Spears, Vincent Phantomhive.) as well as my Loki Account.

I am currently looking to get married. Preferably to a Sebastian Rper or a Hannah Annafellows. My preference is that courtship take place over a period of time in character and in Role Play. (Either in RP forums/guilds/PMs/Towns.)
I am an Literate Player. I expect my partner to match me or surpass me in that aspect.

Gift Art:

By StoicSerenity