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Gender: Female

Occupation: Art Museum Security Officer/ Artist

Wisdom in Rythem

Trinkets I Obtain At Work

I have been working for a salvage/ demolition team/ small family business since November 2015. Since I have been working with this team, I have had the privilege to obtain and gather my own personal collection of items/ materials from the different locations I've had the pleasure of taking apart. So let the Hoarding begin!!!!

***A cassette tape of the Chorals of the Russian Church (November 2015); this was my very first piece of treasure. Image taken with iPhone 4.

***A pair of Tooth Extraction Pliers (December 2015); My co-worker gave these to me for some reason just before we clocked out. The thing is, I find anything that has to due with pulling teeth just disgusting...I mean, I gag just thinking about when my own baby teeth were loose!!! Image taken with iPhone 4.

***Slate Roofing (December 2015); I'm going to make some art from these in the near future. Image taken with iPhone 4.

Background Image

Current background image:

*Taken with Nikon D3100; June 2016*

My first shot with Astro-photography. I was visiting my Great-aunt in Tennessee with my husband, Mom, and second cousin. At the time, I didn't have the greatest lens (18mm-55mm, widest angle I have) to use for such photography, but this was my first attempt. I still love the image and find a world of beauty within it.

Married May 28,2016

Married my best friend on May 28,2016. We were married in the Art Gallery where we first met and started working together back in 2011. The ceremony and reception was splendid! The afternoon just flew by and before we knew it, we were off to take photos out in the woods. Once we got to our final destination, we were hit with some rain showers! Apparently, rain on a wedding day is good luck for a strong everlasting bond.

I am now wearing my Grandmother's wedding bands from (1955). I wish she were there to witness the day in the flesh...I know for sure that she was there in spirit. Short story about her rings - my grandfather let her pick out what she wanted, and so she chose this beautiful set.

Mischa Robespierre

I haven't been as up-to-date with my profile since I have failed to post a photo of my current baby, Mischa Robespierre. Or I typically call him, "Mimi", "Bups" (don't ask), and "Totoro".

BEHIND the NAME: Technically he is Mischa III, my mom had two before him and the name was from the 80's Russian Olympic Mascot - Mischa the Bear. I added in Robespierre because we discovered his French roots and since he has a "blue" tinge in his coat and his spunky attitude (At the time), he reminded me of the blue kitten, Robespierre, in the 1960's animated film Gay Purr-ee. Also, I really wanted him to be named Totoro...but no one wanted it but it's his nickname.

The image on the left was when I first met him and the image on the right is him currently...all 15 pounds of him. He was literally the size of his head when he came into my home. We also know that his breed is indeed a Chartreux mix. Heavy on the Chartreux genes. He is very smart and likes to help me put jigsaw puzzles together, paint, draw, and open cabinets. Mischa loves classical music and smooth jazz, along with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin-like jazz singers. He also prefers the scent of mint over catnip. Forgot to mention that he is so freakin' soft!

Here is his story;
My mom found him way home from work in August of 2014. She said the poor thing just tumbled from out of nowhere in the middle of a traffic stop. He crawled up inside a near by vehicle’s tire. My mom, attempting to get the driver to pay attention to her as she flashed her car lights and waved her arms telling them not to move forward. It was a struggle to get him out from the stranger's tire between the both of them. Not far into their attempts at reaching the poor kitten, a man with a pickup came by and helped retrieve him. Once he was in his hands, out of nowhere my mom quickly spat out, “if you don’t want him I’ll take him!” After coming home with Mischa, he didn’t have a name right then, my mom tried to call me. However, I was busy cooking dinner and couldn’t talk for long. Out of breath she tells me she has a small grey kitten and she didn’t know whether to keep him or not. That decision didn’t take long...we agreed upon keeping him. During the weekend I came home to see the new kitten. He was so full of energy and still a bit startled. Most likely due to a number of things; being tossed onto the road and a new place with other animals. My mom came home from work and we sit and talk about her experience finding him.

She literally said it was like he time traveled, he just appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a four way intersection. I start thinking about the story and I responded with, “I think he could of possibly been tossed out of a vehicle.” Of course my mom was in disbelief and as much as I wish that weren’t true, I have a gut feeling that, that’s what happened to him. This world is so cruel in many ways and even the smallest of actions (good or bad) always takes the cake.

About Classy Clarinet

(Yes, the photo above is a photo of me, taken by me)

*As of Summer of 2015: Graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies! My background includes hours in the fields of; Geography, Art, History (mainly American History), Political Science, and Philosophy.

*I was recently hired as a Security Officer at an Art Museum. I was given this position because of my background knowledge of the Arts and Law as well as having experience with both fields.

*I was engaged to my fiance since June 9, 2014.

*Marriage date is set: May 28, 2016 - Location: art gallery where we first began working (and first met) on September 11, 2011.

*I am a very complex individual. I enjoy expanding my knowledge of the world, thus my choice to the degree I received Summer 2015.

*I also work on my own visual artistic abilities on the side as a hobby.

*I worked for my college's Art Gallery for 4.5 years (Fall of 2011 - Summer of 2015) as a Gallery Monitor. Duties included; basic housekeeping, monitoring gallery spaces and front desk, unpacking/ packing and hanging art pieces, working in storage, using basic hardware tools and supplies, painting the walls after patching them and sanding, and attending all art openings (business casual dress). I was also fortunate to attend 3 Arts Galas (black-tie/ Red Carpet affair) for free.

*I thrive in the arms of mother nature and her wonders.

*I love poetry of all kinds.

*I was part of my high school marching band for 6 years (thus the name), however, I did much more than just march clarinet. (Drum Major 2 years, solo dancer in red sophomore year, horn sergeant 2 years).

*Exploring abandoned buildings is a passion I have and hopefully will make a career of such exploration.

*I have worked for a Demolition family business since November 2015-April 2016. We salvaged from and (occasionally) restore old houses. I have been able to keep some items from each work site. This business is slow, in his case, I am in and out of work with this job. Nonetheless, it is an amazing job with a great crew.

*September 2014-2015: I volunteered at a historical society. I work in the historic and abandoned building archives. (As of May - July 2015 I was an intern helping with inventory...since graduation, I'm still currently helping with inventory as a volunteer once again).

***If you want to know me more, just feel free to comment. REMEMBER: LEAVE APPROPRIATE COMMENTS, CYBERBULLYING IS NOT TOLERATED!

*We are all entitled to our opinions, just be respectful and know the difference between an opinion and a fact. If you can't find the "middle ground" or find some way to compromise or just leave the conversation altogether.


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showeezamoh3 Report | 12/09/2016 12:34 pm
Maybe she is! Haha
Sir Wolowitz Report | 08/19/2016 3:04 pm
Sir Wolowitz
thanks for buying ^_^
cyberqueer Report | 06/03/2016 7:32 pm
thanks for understanding! and no worries. i'm fine with getting late responses.
and yes, my finals did go extremely well, actually! i got all As in the three classes i was taking. i am very happy and proud of myself because throughout the first half of the semester, i had a high B in two out of three of those classes, and i was wondering if i could bump those grades up to an A. and, fortunately, i was able to!
i'm glad that you're doing better, and that the wedding was okay, even though it was stressful! you're very welcome. and yikes, that's scary. i don't know what that means either. i hope things end up alright with your mom. :c she has my best wishes!

moving rooms with my brother worked out extremely well in the end! i have my own room now, and my brother's space is very nice too. he seems okay with it, which was really all i could ask for. i felt like i was imposing myself on everyone because of the change i wanted to make, but it doesn't seem like that was the case. we just had to come to a compromise where everyone could be comfortable with their own boundaries. i have different boundaries than my brother does, so the switch accommodates those boundaries better.
i'm happy that you were able to be supported and get help for yourself during such a hard time regarding your ex sister-in-law!

it sounds like you've been very productive recently! i can relate to the cleaning up part due to my own move, as you may be able to figure. things are still awry in my room but it's all coming together nicely. i hope that your place comes together nicely as well!

things have been looking up for me recently despite the hard and emotional moments i have with my family. now that school is over, i can relax and take a breather, and focus on myself in personal ways that i've been meaning to but haven't been able to due to school. i really do love learning in school and the opportunities it can provide, but it leaves me exhausted with the way the system is right now. which i think we've discussed before, so i won't repeat all that again. razz

and thank you for the websites! much appreciated. heart
cyberqueer Report | 05/27/2016 10:37 am
oh also, i saw your status about getting married tomorrow! congratulations and i hope it goes well for you!! heart
cyberqueer Report | 05/27/2016 9:45 am
hey! my apologies for the super late reply. i was in the last stretch of my finals and the weeks were intensely busy. i just finished my last final exam yesterday, so i'll have more time to log on and chat! i hope you've been doing well.

if you are able to find those sites, i would greatly appreciate them!

it's good that you know the museum's usual temperature so that you can go prepared. i'm glad that you love your job and that things aren't always intense there! i'm also glad that you can be honest with your co-workers and that things work out. it's good to have that kind of atmosphere in your workplace.

well, things have changed since i last talked to you, and we're actually going to purchase the house we're currently living in, instead. however, i am going to switch rooms with my brother, which is a miracle. the change will be good for both of us in different ways. we'll be doing the switch over the weekend. i'm crossing my fingers that things work out!
you haven't told me about that, but that's awful. :c everyone should be able to have a home that they can go to any time and feel safe. i'm glad that you're safe now, at least.
thank you for your kind words and your well wishes, by the way! i'm pretty sure i got good grades this semester; i have to check in a few days to see what my final grade is posted as. it will either be all As or a B or two will be in there somewhere. i had high Bs in two classes throughout much of the semester, so i'm not sure if my recent scores on my tests bumped them up to an A or not. either way, i will be happy with what i got, because a B is a good grade too! so we'll see.

how have things been for you recently?
VieraDear Report | 05/10/2016 2:52 pm
Ouch... I think you're older than me, but both
my mother and my fiance's parents don't mind
that we live together. ): Sorry to hear about that
and your wedding stress. When I asked if you
were going to cry, I just meant from happiness
at the wedding. I always thought that that's what
I was going to do at my wedding. D:

But as for all of the drama going on, I would just
try to let it go through one ear and out the other.
What you're going through now is mainly the reason
why we plan on doing a small wedding, haha. But
don't feel bad about venting. If you need to, keep going!

I hope that despite all of this, your day has been good.
I have two more finals left, and although they are the
hardest ones, I'm not feeling too bad. I'm just excited to
see some family and friends this weekend at my sister's
VieraDear Report | 05/06/2016 3:32 pm
Sorry it took so long to reply! School keeps me busy.

How is the condo so far? Have you decorated yet, or
is the wedding still being worked out? :3 Speaking of which,
it's so close! Are you excited, nervous, or both? Do you think
you'll cry? o:
cyberqueer Report | 04/29/2016 2:59 pm
ah i see. good luck on getting that lens! camera equipment is ridiculously expensive, i know what you mean. i'm glad that the weather is getting a little better for you. i also get headaches from the sun, as well as other sources of light. just tension headaches though, not migraines like you get. that would be awful. :s
i usually check the weather every day before getting dressed so i can see the high and the low, and then go from there. regardless of what i wear, i always bring a hoodie or jacket with me because buildings are usually cold, and that's hard on my joints. especially at school, where the chairs and tables are so hard.

i agree with you! it's such a shame because there are so many people who are either hearing or vision impaired, yet much of our world is made inaccessible to them. i'd like to be an accessible person in as many ways as possible.

i'm glad that your work experience has been positive so far, despite being so busy! i know what you mean about forgetting to eat, that happens quite often when i have a full day on campus or a lot to do in one day. i have to schedule breaks for eating or else i'll lose track sometimes. then i'll start feeling nauseous or light-headed and wonder why. and then i'll remember that it's because my stomach is eating itself. lol
i hope that negative person doesn't give you any trouble!

no worries, i understand. take all the time you need to get back to me! my family and i are actually in the process of buying a new house and moving, too, i don't remember if i've told you anything about that. it's a long story that i don't feel like getting into right now but we are going to start moving sometime in june. i'm hoping that the deal gets set in stone soon and that nothing goes too wrong between now and then. if things work out, i'll be getting my own room, which i'm incredibly happy about. right now i sleep in the living room, which isn't ideal at all. fingers crossed!

thank you, i hope the same for you. take care ♥
cyberqueer Report | 04/15/2016 11:47 pm
i'd really love to do night photos, but my phone isn't good for that at all, and i have yet to learn how to do it on my DSLR.
the weather there sounds wild indeed! we've been having slightly weird weather. lots of random bouts of wind, and then occasional light rain, and some days it's really warm and some days it's quite chilly. it's definitely strange, and makes it difficult for me to dress "for the weather" when i have to consider all the different temperatures i'm going to be subject to while i'm on campus all day. yikes. i hope those eastern red bud trees are able to bloom a little bit more soon! sounds like they're not having a good time. :<

and yesss, that's very true. i agree completely.
i'm glad that duolingo has been helpful to you! you're very welcome. smile and thank you very much for the ASL resources! i see so much about how beneficial it is to know, like on tumblr and facebook, that it makes me want to learn sooo badly. i think i'm going to start learning the basics during summer break, and i can pair that with math practice. i'm not planning on taking any summer classes, so that math will be in preparation for the fall semester, when i am going to take the class i had to drop last semester.

did you have that test already? also, that's really intense! good luck doing that long shift. i hope you're able to rest well after it. it's good that you feel connected to the job! i hope things only get better from here.
i will definitely let you know, thanks again~
VieraDear Report | 04/13/2016 10:09 pm
Thank you! The last house we looked at wasn't to our liking,
but there was one that we both found pretty nice, and there's
another that I really want to see in person. Him and I are taking
our time with the process though, so there's no rush. :3

But! I managed to sell my old car on Monday and I got a new muffler
for my current car today, so I just feel so super duper. xD It's nice to
finally get things done!

As for your house situation with your love, I hope things work out!
Going all out with any purchase can be exciting, yet daunting! Did
you two have an inspection performed? I pray that you guys don't
encounter any unexpected issues! D:

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9/12/14 - Grass shoes I grew at work because of artist Gene Pool and his idea on creating grass suits. Through his mind and imagination, this project wouldn't have been possible. Thank you.


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