Birthday: 01/19


About me


Hello! I'm Mina. I am twenty years old, from Australia and happily in love. I have an undying love for old movies, history, daisies, chai lattes and all things vintage. Some of my pastimes include baking, gardening, reading, writing, sewing and collecting vintage-style dresses.

I am a Forum Assistant. My forums are Lifestyle Discussion, Writers and Real Life Fashion & Style. If you need a thread moved in one of these areas or are unsure about what to post, just message me. Please, no random friend requests. I love donating, you only have to ask politely.

I love meeting people with similar interests, so drop me a message whenever. I hope you have a wonderful day in the meantime!


I rarely visit this site anymore. I pop in occasionally to check forums and answer messages, but that's about it.

A little music