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LotusCrystal1223 Report | 07/26/2016 11:51 am
why hello there my dear how are you?
oh and do you rp in guilds?
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 07/19/2016 7:52 am
Mad Mr Hatter
"I used to live in Metropolis... I know how to handle men in tights now," "--Our Batman wears Kevlar..." he boast a little too cocky, 'and you know that useless fact...how?' the other chimed in, instantly Jervis back peddled, "--Or one can assume, considering he doesn't have super powers, and takes so many hits..." even from here he could hear the 'other', Hatter as he called him slapping his forehead with shame over how hopeless Jervis was around women, especially when they weren't on his slab. She seemed relieved to see the crowds thinning out around the register, "--Well, the crowds are finally calming down, and I must head home with this little one. It was nice to meet you Mr. Jervis, and I hope I get to meet you again, Happy Holidays to you sir!" already she was moving off to the register, leaving his life already, 'No! She's going to bolt, she can't leave!' the obsessive Jervis hissed madly, words silently rolling in the back of his mind, fingers already twitching, hand moving for the 10/6 cards, he'd grab her here if he needed too, no... No he'd wait until she was alone outside... Grinning like a madman, The familiar voice would interject again, [******** chill Tetch, I'll try my hand' Hatter snapped coolly, personalities shifting, the bumbling fool Tetch gone for now, and in his place, a calm calculated being, a Victorian gentleman, with a certain charming 'Devil may care' attitude, following her up to the register, he casually asked, "--I apologize for getting so tongue tied earlier, I... Get nervous talking to attractive young women. I hope that doesn't seem to forward? I admit, I'm not generally so bold, especially with women I've just met, but... If your not too tied up with work tomorrow evening, would you do me the honor of accompanying me to dinner?" simple and sweet, he'd wait for her answer.
Unhinged Ragdoll Report | 07/13/2016 12:38 am
Unhinged Ragdoll
(( ok cool, seems you get my issues then lol, I'll try to respond soon. I work in grocery retail, a deli more so, always busy, especially since we have customers continually, we must be doing something right. ))
I Am John Kramer Report | 07/11/2016 4:26 pm
I Am John Kramer
[[Oh my.. eek ]]
I Am John Kramer Report | 07/11/2016 4:24 pm
I Am John Kramer
[[Ah, I could help you with Star Wars lore, if you want? Maybe even help you with research?]]
I Am John Kramer Report | 07/11/2016 4:11 pm
I Am John Kramer
[[I can imagine it must be a big pain in the butt.]]
I Am John Kramer Report | 07/11/2016 4:08 pm
I Am John Kramer
[[So, I assume the RP isn't happening?]]
Unhinged Ragdoll Report | 07/10/2016 8:05 am
Unhinged Ragdoll
(Oh dear me, how precious, you're in the guild now too? biggrin and You'll be playing our beloved Pooty-Tat? Very fun, So good to see familiar faces... (I haven't forgotten about your reply, just been very busy with work, but now that you're in the guild we don't have to do 1 on 1 rps if you're not feeling it, but if you are I will reply!) ahem... Ignore my babbling, what I mean to say is that I play a few of the guilds psychotic villains: Ragdoll, Scarecrow, Joker, and one you're already acquainted with Mad Hatter :p I will reply to our RP very soon, if you're still interested, work has just been a demanding mistress lately. Anyways, welcome to the guild!))
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 07/05/2016 11:19 pm
Mad Mr Hatter
Jervis seemed particularly jumpy at her jumpiness, bumbling more as if he'd been caught red handed dragging a body out of the trunk of his car, "I-I apologize... You gave me a bit of a fright!" Crane would have been proud... Or maybe even a little perturbed, but distressing damsels into bouts of terror was hardly his forte... Hatters anyways, "--Oh, dear! Tis I who should surrender my humblest apologies, I've certainly gone about this all wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong," he repeated madly, finally altering his path, clearing his throat, his fingers tingling wanting to reach out and touch her lovely hair. All the while he was lost in a daze, her lips were moving but Jervis heard none, up until... "-He looks just like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland," his heart suddenly skipping a beat, mouth dry, "--Speaking of which, I love your Mad Hatter look, Alice in Wonderland has been one of my favorite pieces of literature since I was a little girl," if his head would have split open, he was certain rainbows and fireworks would spark out joyfully, "-My name is Aurora, I'm new to Gotham," loosening his nervous death grip on his wing man mr. Bear , he continued, "--Gotham? Come to get your slice of Murder, Mayhem and pollution? This city has it all. Seriously though, why... Not that I regret bumping into you today,... Call this place home, what attracted you? Or whom?"
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 07/04/2016 7:44 pm
I've been better...

Clara Rosalie Elias

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Hello, My name is Clara Rosalie Elias Tuesti....Yeah, I know it's a mouthful to say but that's my full name. My story is kind of a happy one I guess, it's starts out pretty sad but then it gets happy. My mother, Shelia Elias, had me when she was very young and it has always been the two of us. One day, she was taken from me when I was just 5 years old, I wandered the streets by myself until a man named Reeve Tuesti took me in and taught me everything I know, from fighting to defending myself. That's all I can say for now, drop me a line if you want to get to know me beter.((Note: I will NOT accept random friend requests unless I know you or if you get to know me. If you do not like my character or her background then please leave your comments to yourself.))

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