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Lady Experiment Report | 02/24/2017 4:43 pm
Lady Experiment
I'm still waiting on that text from you. wink
Lady Experiment Report | 02/24/2017 2:40 pm
Lady Experiment
Loving the outfit! *hugs*
I Am John Kramer Report | 02/19/2017 6:28 pm
I Am John Kramer
Hey, would you like to continue our roleplay if you want to RP? I do have a craving for a SAW roleplay though.
Negan Lucille Report | 12/13/2016 1:49 pm
Negan Lucille
"Thanks kid."
The Little Blue Noble Report | 12/01/2016 8:35 pm
The Little Blue Noble
why thank you very much for the compliment! a friend worked hard to make it for me.
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 11/20/2016 7:21 am
Mad Mr Hatter
Same, fingers crossed...only on one hand though, I hear two is bad luck, like having two recessive genes
I Am John Kramer Report | 11/19/2016 9:42 am
I Am John Kramer
Will you post again?
I Am John Kramer Report | 11/18/2016 8:37 pm
I Am John Kramer
How are you doing? We never talk anymore.
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 11/18/2016 8:30 am
Mad Mr Hatter
OH no, sorry to hear about your recent string of misfortunes. I hope things look brighter if they haven't already.
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 11/15/2016 11:59 pm
Mad Mr Hatter
-hugs- wheelchair? Everything ok dear? How have you been?

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~Side by side or miles apart, Good Friends are always close to the Heart~

Hello, My name is Clara Rosalie Elias Tuesti....Yeah, I know it's a mouthful to say but that's my full name. My story is kind of a happy one I guess, it's starts out pretty sad but then it gets happy. My mother, Shelia Elias, had me when she was very young and it has always been the two of us. One day, she was taken from me when I was just 5 years old, I wandered the streets by myself until a man named Reeve Tuesti took me in and taught me everything I know, from fighting to defending myself. That's all I can say for now, drop me a line if you want to get to know me better.((Note: I will NOT accept random friend requests unless I know you or if you get to know me. If you do not like my character or her background then please leave your comments to yourself.))

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