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"All though She be but little, She is fierce"

      Hey There! I am a forever little girl, who goes by the name of Rosie. I have dreams of becoming a Pediatric Nurse. I have been inhabiting Gaia since 2009.

      I have a very childlike personality that I let shine and glow. I love games, and I do consider myself a gamer. I love board, card, & some types video games. I am always willing to try something new. Ask me, and I will most likely have tried it, have an opinion about it, or willing to ask you millions of questions about it. A few of my favorites include: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, The Legend of Dragoon, and Final Fantasy. (Gaming Systems I have: PS2, Wii, & 3DS--and I do not plan on updating my PS2) However I do not like games rated mature, or games that have excessive blood and gore.

      I am a loving mother to a maltese. His name is Puck, he is the very best gift I have ever received. Some days, I don't know if I'd still be alive if he didn't come into my life when he did. I treasure him in my heart, and he is my number one.

      Current Obsessions
      Knee-High Socks

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