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"All though She be but little, She is fierce"

      Hello There~ I am a taken little lady--who goes by the name of Rosie, and I have been inhabiting Gaia since 2009.

      I have a very childlike personally that I let shine and glow. I love games and I am a gamer or all sorts-- board games, card games, video games, really any type of game! Ask me and I will most likely play. A few of my favorites are Kaijudo, D&D, Pokemon (Currently Am Playing X), Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy. However, I do not like total blood and gore or any game rated mature.

      I am a mother to a Little Maltese called Puck. He is the best gift I have ever received, and I treasure him every day.

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      Current Obsessions
      Knee Highs

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"All though
She be but little,
She is fierce"