Hey all. Tide's the name, I'm from Australia and I'm 22 which gives me senority over most of you. So stand up straight, and tuck in that shirt, you mangy mutt! XP Okay, that there is the first real thing to convey: I am partial to messing around a bit, and I like a good, lighthearted laugh. I do not, however, like smut, or the unfair judgement of others. So if you're making a big person of yourself, picking on noobs or the like, expect me to give you a gobfull of trouble rather than back you up.

    I'm also quite genteel, and I believe in honour and chivalry and all that stuff hardly anyone else seems to care about anymore. I'm a strong believer in individuality and diversity, and I tend to find people who are different from the norm quite interesting. Also I try to avoid judging other people based on things like age, race or gender (even though it seems to be kinda hard to find decent dude friends on here >.< ).

    Anyway, I like to think of myself as a fairly reasonable, friendly guy, so if you're in the mind for a casual chat with a spot of intellect or perhaps a little silliness thrown in, by all means drop me a line.



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hey , happy birthday biggrin D

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hehe, favorite part of that movie :3

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Yeah you really should :3 I have been making trips to Target all the time to see the $5 movie selections smile so I go there an try to find old Disney films. I found Oliver and Company! I was so excited! :3
I can't wait! It'll be a long while but I'm excited! I wanna get tht game plus the new Zelda games :3 so stoked!!
Awww I'm really happy that you're happy and that your girlfriend is happy :3 soooo how did you two love birds meet? ^u^

Oh and my sister and I rescued a baby kitten tonight! We heard it meowing over the neighbors fence, who is basically a junk man...anyways, we found it in this trailer stuck and buried beneath crap. Sadly my mom was all like, "leave it outside in the box and see if the mother will claim it" :c we wanted to keep it so badly! It was so tiny and helpless...3 weeks old we think. It's eyes were blue and had black fur...so now all we're doing tonight is listening to see if the mom comes back...it's raining too sad

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Haha you mean Ben? That does sound like something he'd say, but alas, no. I just like bein random and keeping some people on their toes :3
Business is great :3
Totally gonna preorder AC Unity for either the PC or PS4 :3 it looks so amazing I might just go insane if I can't play!
How are you? What's going on in the clouds today? :3

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No, like, a workaround. Like, kind of but differently. Don't worry, it's not gross or anything. I'm not into that. So, no, we don't share what we do with other people. It's a secret. xD

Yeah. :<

Can I know how exactly or no?

Um, yeah. I was thinking it started to get kind of awkward too. I swapped Bedlam back to the beginning and Zenith more towards the end again though. Ooh, okay. :0
Well, I've made a few changes. But. COMMENTS/FEEDBACK/CRITIQUE/SUGGESTIONS? Anything. Go ahead. Lay it on me. I need to fix it. It's not even the first final draft yet because I haven't written the chapter "perspective" because I'm not quite sure what I should do for it yet.

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He hates to see me cry if he knows its his fault. He does respect me though. He's apologised for all those times and he's getting good about that situation now and has nearly stopped. Like, he tried a side way which wasn't quite it but nearly and I didn't say anything and was upset afterwards, and he told me if that's what happens I have to tell him/push him off and he'll get over it because he doesn't want to upset me. :3
It's not so bad though because he isn't doing it. But I wish he was a little more like....y'know.

I think so too. Good job Cirrus. emotion_kirakira
How were you clumsy?

I had it fragmented but my other friend said it wrecked the story so I put it back in order. Are you finished already? :0

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Can I email it to you?

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What is that in reply to exactly I think I said a few things.

You're a boyfriend again?

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You didn't reply to me and I don't have anyone to read my story.

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Nooooo...definitely nawt XD
I just say random stuff :3
Felt like it was necessary ^u^