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Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/28/2017 4:26 am
Shadow Belmonte
I could try that, thanks for helping. XD
It was working well, until I skipped that step and didn't realize it. x-x

But oh well, if it doesn't work, I was thinking about buying Sims 4 anyways.
Thanks for the help! emotion_hug
Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/26/2017 5:01 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Well, what happened was:
Months ago, I bought two more expansion packs (so many expansion packs caused the game to start freezing up) so then I tried to play the game with only half the packs.
Half-packs caused some glitches.
Added half-packs back, got other glitches.
Quit playing the game, though that if I'd try playing with just one pack, it'd go better - ended up worse.
So I followed an online guide to remove the games. (I'll post that below.)
So I got the games removed.
I tried to re-install the games, but it gives me an error and tells me to 'check the log' only... I don't see any logs to read.

The site I went to, to remove the game:

Steps I did:
Delete the game files (in the default location)

Delete the registry keys

Delete the uninstall files

...And I extremely, terribly forgot to do this important step:
Backup the registry
Shadow Belmonte Report | 05/13/2017 4:19 am
Shadow Belmonte
That was pretty interesting, but also pretty funny.
The way that one monster was getting punched, and the other was going to use the exclamation point as a weapon. lol
Shadow Belmonte Report | 05/12/2017 7:05 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Same, I can't wait to see it, so exciting! emotion_kirakira

Guess it was a case of 'save the best for last'? XD
I'd have to say it was my top favorite out of all of them though.

That one was also my favorite!
I thought the different areas and the NPCs was a really great touch, so that when newbies might see it, they can think, "Hey wait I think I saw X person and Y area."
Very creative!

Hm, I'm not sure I've seen the one the picture that you are mentioning, with the zOMG! logo and the details of it.
If it was in the forums and not mentioned, that's probably why - I didn't keep up with the forum entries at all.
I do know I posted, because I was like, "This'll be the year~!"
But then my desk broke down and yeah that didn't happen, but then again seeing how 99% of the art is digital, I'd have never had a chance.
Too bad no hand-drawn images were selected, I'd have liked to have seen some.

I know that Trojan.exe user and BOMB4Y are both great artists, I'm surprised it wasn't one of them that won. emotion_0A0
I thought Trojan's drawing of the (forgets the name) wolf was pretty awesome. @-@
BOMB4Y's use of characters, and those adorable fluffs and cute kokeshi dolls, is really fantastic, those faces look so perfect even. emotion_kirakira
Shadow Belmonte Report | 05/12/2017 4:32 pm
Shadow Belmonte

So, by your outfit, have you or have you not gone to see the new Guardians movie yet? emotion_awesome
(I have not yet, but I'm definitely ready to!)

Which zOMG! splash screen was your favorite from that list?
I felt a bit disappointed that all of them were digital drawings except for one. sweatdrop
CobaltOmega Report | 05/12/2017 1:03 am
Cirnol! Great to hear from you again. Yeah man this is a straight up miracle! Im washed in nostalgia. HMU sometime for a zomg run! Hope youve been well
LucreciaTatsumoto Report | 04/01/2017 1:56 pm
Thank you for your purchase
rebe-chan Report | 03/12/2017 10:24 pm
if you wanna chat you should join the discord
Shadow Belmonte Report | 03/08/2017 2:59 pm
Shadow Belmonte
*erases 'The Memories' title with 'The Reality' *

zOMG! zOMG! zOMG! emotion_brofist emotion_awesome
rebe-chan Report | 03/07/2017 7:58 pm
dude i thought it was gone for good too! im actually really amazed! it feels like a dream

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