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Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/29/2015 6:58 pm
Shadow Belmonte
*packs up the Pietro dolls and puts them in your suitcase, secretly, and awaits for you to discover them - as soon as your case is opened, they will flood out all over your room, and then you will have to try to swim for the door*

I remember you told me about the move, so it's cool that you're going to go back and see everyone there for a while. emotion_c8
Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/21/2015 6:43 pm
Shadow Belmonte
*dolls flood all over your comments thread, and continues pouring out everywhere*
Careful - they're so cutely infectious, it always starts with one before it turns into an army, and then - an ocean! gonk

But you're right, I have a full army of dolls - every Pietro-based Doll is equipped: Brawler, Bartender, Inspector, Doctor, Queen, Pietro, Thief, Detective, and Barista, plus the two cats, from Case Meow.
I also have gotten from the Dumpster Dive another Case of Pietro, even though it is still not enough to complete my entire set.

And then I saw last week that they came out with two new Pietro recolors, and I want all of them, in multiples.
I'm a shamelss addict.
I believe this is apparent.

So, where's the trip to?
Going to Vegas?
*waggles eyebrows* emotion_awesome
Also, a whole month, that's a surprising amount of time.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/21/2015 9:59 am
Shadow Belmonte
I watched the last episode of season 3 on my Netflix, and I read that season 4 is supposed to return to TV in early 2016 (according to Wikipedia, and that is not including the Christmas special.)
I know one thing: I can't wait for any of it!
*glomps Sherlock and Watson and Mary* emotion_awesome

Don't worry, I have those days pretty often myself.
Got a million stories I want to type up, but don't want to because I don't feel I'm good enough at it / my hands get tired after awhile / no one reads it anyways.
(or, something more practical that needs to be done)
Do some for a little bit, go do something else, and then return back to it later so it doesn't feel monotonous - like chores, or researching / studying.
Perhaps you could create your own little schedule that could help you pick what time and how long to attempt at getting something done?

*glomps Cirnol as well*
Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/20/2015 1:41 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I didn't even know there were more episodes upcoming after season 3.
*fangirls more*

Me and my mom are both big fans.
There is not even shame in announcing that.

How are you doing?
Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/20/2015 1:08 pm
Shadow Belmonte
So, you seem to know what I'm talking about.
*wink wink nudge nudge*
Shadow Belmonte Report | 06/08/2015 7:17 pm
Shadow Belmonte
It's okay.
I really loved this version of Constantine as much as the movie, but it sucks that I'll never know the ending to the cliffhanger. crying
Cliffhangers and mysteries list:
(Spoiling it if you didn't want to know.)

Zed, the female companion in the job, became friends with a guy with a 'bad' aura - and the guy wanted to know her / knew her personally.
Zed foresees terrible predictions of an upcoming event.
Zed's family wanted to kidnap her, for possibly many reasons unknown now, but hardly any given previously.
Male companion (forget his name) is unable to die, but I think is given a warning that he will die.
Constantine is working to get rid of the ever-rising Darkness issue, and has an Angel who helps him - and the Angel (Manny?) is helping summon the Darkness behind Constantine's back, for reasons yet undiscovered.
Former female companion who played a nun and shot Constantine, was becoming an important part of 'getting to know' Constantine through someone else's knowledge and opinions.

And now we'll never know, and it made it worse when the article writer joked and said "Well, it might be another 10-15 years before someone can accept Constantine again."
*flails* Devastated! emotion_0A0
And Constantine was so darn cute. emotion_0A0

My coworker was watching Resurrection and she told me about it being canceled, sucks about that one too because I heard what she told me about it and I wanted to see about it, but now that it's canceled, I'm not going to bother.
Too many shows are getting cut too quickly.
*clings to Constantine's leg as he has to leave*
Noooooo, save the world time!
Save cute Zed!
jonjon21428 Report | 06/03/2015 8:49 pm
-touches you-
5timechamp Report | 05/27/2015 8:26 pm
You're welcome. smile
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 05/19/2015 1:58 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
Z Kart should have a banner.... emotion_awesome
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 05/17/2015 7:42 am
Guin - Aoiichi
thanks !

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