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Birthday: 08/06

Occupation: Computer Analytic Engineer and Graphic Novelist.


Ah, Hello! My name is Teagan "Zero" Rettig.

I am a nineteen year old male otaku from the United States! I am known throughout Gaiaonline as either Cirno or Zero. I was born in North Korea and sent to the united states as an orphan for adoption. I am half-korean and half-Irish. My hobbies include reading manga, playing games, and entertaining others. I come off as either very vulgar or very hostile, but in all honesty I am quite peaceful and calm. I have a fairly weak attention span, so I get distracted quite easily. I am a second year in college for a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, and a third year college student for a bachelor's degree in graphical literature. My main aspiration in life is to become a very famous mangaka! I am quite confident in my art and writing skills and feel that one day I may make my dreams a reality! I enjoy role playing on Gaiaonline and cosplaying as many characters from the doujin game series "Touhou Project" (or Eastern Project/Project Shrine Maiden). I am currently employed at VidCycle as a Used Games Retailer and Shinki&Co. as a Cosplay Model. I also do editing for Red Hawk Scanlations. As of July 6th, I became an apprentice for the doujin Circle "Millet Soup" after being scouted at Anime Midwest for my Touhou drawings and cosplays. I am now working with a small United States branch of Millet Soup by helping sell various Non-H Touhou doujinshi and take drawing lessons from my teacher (Satou Kibi-Sensei). Recently I started working as an analytic engineer for Oracle, but the job isn't all that great; watching numbers and lines gets boring fast. Hmm, well that's about it I guess. . .

I hope that we can become the best of friends, and may the Triforce be with you!

101 things about me~

1. Favorite pet I ever had
Dori Joe the Yorkshire terrier.
2. Favorite car I've owned
Uh... I own a Chevy Cavalier. It isn't much but it get's me places.
3. Favorite meal out, ever
Veno's Pizza (Tripoli)
4. Favorite food I've cooked
Wait? I have to pick only one? Uh, Mint Raspberry Chocolate Souffle with white chocolate drizzle! (Thank you dad~)
5. Favorite food from childhood
Rising Star Foster House's special sauce cowboy burgers (I have the recipe for it now too!)
6. Favorite drink on a hot summer day
UV Blue + Mountain Dew White Out
7. Favorite drink on a cold winter night
Warm Spiced Chai Latte
8. Favorite conversation I've ever had with a person
Any of the that didn't involve me being disgusted by the fact I was in the presence of another human.
9. Favorite total meal that I cook (list all items)
******** this, I am not writing a paragraph that would end in my unsustainable hunger
10. Favorite movie of all time
Jurrasic Park: The Lost World.
11. Favorite book of all time
Homer's The Illiad
12. Teacher who changed my life, and why
Craig Milius; Taught me rational thought or the ability to see things by means of thinking realistically.
13. Professional mentor who changed my life, and why
Tracy Anderson... She has been by my side making sure things turn out great for me since I was four when I was relocated from China to the States. Long story meant for another day.
14. Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend
I'll just admit this one... Shopping with a girlfriend would be a horrible idea.
15. Perfect day out - what, where, with whom
The vicinity of my own house, with a glass of raspberry lemonade and my WiiU in hand.
16. Favorite color
Odd as it may sound, my favorite color is white.
17. Favorite artist
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (A composer; music is still part of the fine arts)
18. Favorite song
Desire Drive - Team Shanghai Alice/ZUN
19. The best paid entertainment I've ever seen
Buying a hot dog in Chicago and throwing it on the ground; Those seagulls are deadly.
20. Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours
Reading the book Finnegan's Wake
21. Most rewarding time I've ever spent volunteering
Every year I do the letter carrier's food drive which is a 48hr volunteer service. If I didn't love doing it I wouldn't repeat it every year.
22. The most exciting secret I've ever been told
"Ghouls! Religious Ghouls, I tell ya'! Wander'in the wastes in search of place to call home. Don't you laugh at me! I know a spell that will show your true form, cave rat taught it to me!"
23. My greatest skill (past or current)
24. The best advice I've ever been given
I never receive any advice that I have ever used; I go with my own advice because it's always the better option.
25. The best advice I've ever given
Oh, Jeez. Where do I even begin! I'm a connoisseur of great advice, might even be considered saintly.
26. The year of the best birthday I ever had... and why
Six; Got my very first game system that I didn't have to share with others.... The Gameboy Original with Pokemon Yellow Edition.
27. The first natural wonder I've ever seen
Does the Grand Canyon Crevice of this one chick Mackenzie's cleavage count? That is one big girl.
28. The most fun road trip I ever took... swhere and with whom
Define road trip...
29. The nearest close call I've ever had
...... No comment.
30. My favorite flower - purchased
I don't purchase flowers
31. My favorite flower or plant - personally grown
Galenthus (Snowdrops) flowers
32. My best hair day ever?
Is it possible to put this in words
33. The most favorite gift I've ever gotten - what and from whom?
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Nintendo DSlite Bundle! My mother for a Christmas gift!
34. My most suspenseful moment
When I almost got hit by a big-rig that derailed itself.
35. My most unexpected achievement
I would have to achieve something first.
36. The most rewarding volunteer experience I've had
Seriously? A Repeat!
37. My favorite paid employment, ever
Working for Oracle~
38. The favorite dessert I've ever eaten
See above.
39. The prettiest natural landscape I've ever seen
. . . This is basically the same question.
40. The most scared I've been by a bug or critter
I'd have to be scared by one first.
41. My favorite household chore
42. The favorite piece of jewelry I've ever bought for myself
My lucky necklace I never take off~
43. The best cup of coffee I've ever had
44. The hardest question a child has ever asked me
"What is that red stuff on you face and where is my mommy and daddy?"
45. The most important time I've had to "be there" for a friend
Be there? I'm sorry but I don't care enough about my friends to get off my a**; I prefer just texting them.
46. The most unusual pet I've ever had
TimTim and Toby... Still have them too! Red knee Tarantulas
47. The prettiest shiny object I've ever owned
Glass Marbles?
48. The most treasured book in my library
Oh no! You are not making me say that title out loud, pervert question site!
49. The most important tool in my craft/ hobby stuff
My pencil~
50. The coolest handmade gift I ever gave anyone
51. The best anonymous thing I have ever done/given
So many things I could put here!
52. The most healthy and vital time in my life was/is?
53. The worst thing I ever got away with
I get away with everything, but that is never a good thing.
54. The kindest thing a stranger ever did for me
I would have to know people that I don't already know.
55. The kindest thing I ever did for a stranger?
If it is gaia, then it would be me doing Anon Gifting.
56. Favorite perfume
PERFUME? WHAT? Well, it isn't that I don't use perfume or anything but don't just assume I do...
57. Favorite household cleaner smell
What the ******** is wrong with the poor child that wrote these questions?
58. Favorite outdoor smell
59. Most fun I ever had on a Saturday night?
Masturbating in a garden of existentialism!
60. Favorite song I ever danced to and with whom?
Don't know. . . Uh, M-my father and Gangnam Style?
61. Favorite dinner my mom made
My mother can't cook...
62. The happiest moment I can remember
I'd have to actually be happy.
63. Song that makes me move no matter how bad I feel?
64. My favorite patriotic experience?
I hate patriotism.
65. My biggest moment of celebrity
Come again? I don't care for celebrities!
66. My one favorite item of clothing?
My lucky hat and necklace combo!
67. The one item I would take to the desert island?
A spoon. . . People really underestimate the usefulness a spoon has over a knife.
68. The one person I loved who never knew?
I haven't loved anyone until recently... Actually that person is the one of seven people that I would allow to get near me; I have somewhat of extreme hatred of the presence of other humans. I like being alone in the solitary vicinity of my household.
69. The most fun sporting event I ever attended?
70. The favorite place I have ever traveled to where I'd spend my whole life if I could?
That question is as dumb as the idea of humanity being peaceful.
71. My favorite moment as a parent
72. My favorite moment as a sister/brother
Don't have one.
73. My favorite moment as a spouse or significant other
I wanna kill this questionnaire maker.
74. My favorite moment as a daughter/son
75. My favorite flowers to receive in a delivery?
I don't like storebought flowers
76. My favorite cooking or kitchen smell?
Bacon and pancakes
77. The most significant change I've had to go through and how it made me better
I have never reformed my beliefs.
78. My "biggest deal" memory of childhood
Don't remember.
79. My favorite non-relative adult growing up
Craig Milius
80. My favorite aunt or uncle
Uncle Shawn, maybe? Only because he doesn't talk to me.
81. Best Sunday afternoon I ever had?
Sundays are for me to take all day naps.
82. Favorite ice cream ever and from where?
Cowbelle's Premium Brand; Guppy's Market (Tripoli)
83. Favorite musician?
84. Favorite famous person I've admired, living or dead, whom I'd like to meet?
Robin Williams . . . . . .*sniffle*
85. Favorite environmental sound (rain, thunder, etc.)
86. Favorite person to take a walk on a beach or in the woods with?
Beach, no. Woods. . . . kekekekekeee
87. Best time I've had playing with a pet
How do I type that?
88. Nicest thing I've ever done for a little kid?
There is an aweful lot of questions dificult to explain!
89. Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times?
HBO's The Newsroom
90. Favorite item no one knows I own?
Why would I answer this?
91. My favorite story/experience of the paranormal?
92. The one "splurge" grocery item I have never yet splurged on?
93. The most competent activity I do?
94. The one food item I can never run out of?
95. The favorite picture I've ever taken?
It's a picture? do I need a favorite?
96. The most fun game I've ever played?
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
97. The biggest secret I still safeguard? (don't reveal it!)
why make it a question then?
98. The hardest I ever laughed in my life was...
No comment
99. My favorite fabric to pet is?
The hell is wrong with you?
100. If I could go anywhere, be with anyone, be doing anything, right now,,, Where? Who? What?
Gensokyo, Cirno, EVERYTHING!
101. If I had one hour to live, what would I spend it doing? Anything and everything Illegal~


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Thank you!
Miri-sama Report | 01/19/2015 2:12 pm
I'm not a lucky loser? O:
e u e good cause then I'm an unlucky winner -gets punched in the face- xDDDD
Ordinary Magician Marisa Report | 01/15/2015 7:40 am
Ordinary Magician Marisa
M-My bum! Go punch her for me right in the boob... if she has any.
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Kawaiiko Ashley Report | 01/04/2015 5:09 pm
Kawaiiko Ashley
why you gotta be so negative bout school?
and I am just saying...
and you laugh funny. c:
Suwako Moriya Report | 01/03/2015 2:01 pm
Suwako Moriya
fufufu xD, surprise!
S a r a n u u Report | 01/02/2015 9:11 am
S a r a n u u
Suwako Moriya Report | 01/01/2015 12:57 am
Suwako Moriya
Happy new Year, Kero!
Ordinary Magician Marisa Report | 12/26/2014 1:24 am
Ordinary Magician Marisa
Enjoy your strongest cola shake
ManaManami Report | 12/24/2014 6:53 am
N-noooo! *hides in a super safe pillow fortress and grabs a torch*
Doooooooon't come any closer! scream
I won't let you touch my precious left hand. Just try to do that and I'll make you melt with this flaming stick! emotion_bigvein
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