Art on the left by Erikrion
Art on the right by Mr Captain Sir
Other art I got:
By IIForgottenOrgasm
By Beanio
Art by Princess Aurelia
Art by 2P Frankie
Art by M-Ukraine
Art by Morbiferous Mouse
Art by Petrichoral

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About Hiyoko
Hey hey.
This is my main account on Gaia. My name is Mai or Maige. I do some light roleplay on here, I mostly use this account for other things now, chatting to friends and such. I love Hatoful Boyfriend, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, books, InuYasha, Dangan Ronpa, Corpse Party, South Park, Redwall, Moomin and tons of other things. Particularly deer and sheep.
Drop me a PM or comment sometime, whether it's a chat or a roleplay!
I'm currently mainly roleplaying and cosplaying as Hiyoko Tousaka from Hatoful Boyfriend (you'll know I'm her if I have a bird with my avatar); I also do cosplays/roleplays of other video game characters (mostly fem!clear from Dramatical Murder), Paw avis, and Soma and Grell from Kuroshitsuji. You'll know if I'm OOC if I don't have coloured text; Hiyoko's text is orange.
also, thank you to anyone who ever donated items or gold to me! You're all seriously so appreciated! emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
CIoaca Mahoney
2P Frankie
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