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denim chicken Report | 06/13/2015 6:03 pm
hey hi hello!
denim chicken Report | 03/07/2015 2:16 pm
Hope so emotion_yatta
denim chicken Report | 03/04/2015 8:34 pm
aw man i wish i had seen this sooner
wait you were jen?
i didnt know that was you or id have said more hahahaha
denim chicken Report | 02/28/2015 3:11 pm
oh nice haha
btw.... if you ever feel coming to tinychat pw is saints
denim chicken Report | 02/28/2015 2:39 pm
yeah i see that haha
Sweetum Report | 02/12/2015 12:27 pm
I come on to dress my avatar on occation BECAUSE I HAVE NO LIFE.
denim chicken Report | 02/08/2015 5:37 pm
do you still come on gaia lol?
Jigo-san Report | 02/08/2015 4:26 am
oh man
There was some music themed gold sink event so... I just went with it.
It's done now, but I don't know what to change to.
Jigo-san Report | 10/19/2014 3:49 pm
I think that's the only memory I have pre-kindergarten. I can't remember s**t from last year, so it must have really scared me to remember it;;
Almost everything else I remember, far back, is in kindergarten.

Oh man! ;A; I hope you can find the time to draw for yourself! I really love your work, it's so amazing.
Jigo-san Report | 10/18/2014 9:50 pm
omg, that sounds so scary. ... I've only been on a plane once before, and I was probably like... 2, or something. I don't remember much about it, except that I was scared because people were leaving the plane and my grandma was sleeping so I thought the plane was going to take off with us on it still. This was obviously before I knew about planes...

I've been okay. Been trying to be more productive with art or whatever; Since I am so unhappy with it, but I'm not confident enough to experiment.
What about you?


Hello, my name is Jenny. emotion_smilies/icon_bandaid.png
I enjoy gaming, drawing, & stuff.

If you're interested in commissioning me feel free to PM.


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