if you really need to talk to me
send me a msg on my personal tumblr!



hey-o im chun, nice ta' meet ya!
you can usually find me in either Art Freebies, Art Shops or Adoptables!!!

i've been on this site for a long while but recently cuz of life i havent been on quite as often
if we were having a convo or i owe you something (an art trade for ex!) feel free to message me on my personal tumblr!!
(tho not the tumblr chat thingy-- i rarely go on my desktop for tmblr so i wouldnt be able to check those thru mobile)

my hobbies include sleeping, eating and occasionally making food!!
i rlly like making avi's too haha

hmhmhm idk what else to add to this anymore tbh
hope you're doing well!

(also pls dont try to add me if ive never spoken to you ever ok im srry)

breakfast crew is the best crew, don't try to convince me otherwise.

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"we got married in 34 seconds"

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