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Birthday: 10/21


Hello, and welcome to my profile!

You can call me Chromo. I'm seventeen, and I'll be going to college in August. Thank goodness. I thought I'd never get out of high school.

I will double major in French and Spanish. I would try to triple major (I'd like to add German to the mix), but I really don't think that's possible. Anyway, I've spoken English for my entire life. When I was in ninth grade, I decided to take a French class - and it changed my life. It led me to find my true passion. Languages. I took it all our year of high school (though I doubled up in the first year, so I technically had five year worth of classes). I took Spanish for two years. I studied Italian and German for one semester each at a local college (I was dual enrolled in high school and college).

I have a lot of animals, and get this - they are all my babies. I have a cat named Blackfoot, a homing pigeon named Cher, a red-eared RES turtle named Po' Boy, a YBSxRES turtle named Chaoui, a musk turtle named Blackberry, and two Gulf Coast box turtles named Tuttle and Toitle.

I really like body modification. I want a VFD eye tattoo, a tattoo that says, "The world is quiet here," an apple tattoo, a music star tattoo, a fox tattoo, an industrial piercing, and a nostril piercing.

I write a lot - in fact, I am having some short work published in a few months. Ask if you'd like to read anything I've written. I write Hetalia fanfiction, prose poetry, and flash fiction mostly, but there are some exceptions.

Sometimes I draw. I'm not very good yet, but I think that in time, I will get better. Practice makes perfect, right?

I'm actively questing everything on my wishlist.

Questions? Just ask. I don't bite. But please don't just send a friend request without talking to me first. I will decline.

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