Name Full: Otome Mahou
Nickname: Magician
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Height: 5'2
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Black hair with gold streaks
Eye Color: Ice blue
Build: Avenge

Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks: Have a strange birthmark on her back left shoulder of some short of animal.

Rank: Genin
Village: Leaf Village

Specialty: Magic tricks/Taijutsu/ Ninjutsu

Bloodline: (working on it)

Description: Pretty and innocent with a baby face, has long wavy silky black hair that’s about waist length with some gold streaks in the front of her bangs and ends, ice blue eyes, pale skin, and has very sharp fangs, her breast size 40C has a slim avenge body, small waist, with smooth curves, and long slender legs, .

Personality: Otome smart, funny, stubborn, charming, brave, hard worker, strong will, kind and a very caring person. She loves to have fun and likes to make people laugh and happy. And she a bit wild and always full of energy. But most of all she loves to eat food. Including, sweets such cookies and cakes.

History: She was abandoned in the woods when she was a new born baby. Two lovely couples find her who were circus performers and the couple decided to adopt the child. Later in the years She become very good and she also learned a lot while in the circus like trapeze, (sense her adopted parents were trapeze and acrobatics) tightrope walking, rolling globe, juggling, magic tricks, knife throwing, fire eating, and dancing.

By the age 10 She was on her way back to the circus when she saw fire and smoke She quickly ran as fast as she could, but by the time she got there everybody was dead. She looked to see if there were any survivors but sadly find none. She buried everyone the best that she could and started her adventures. During her time of training, adventures and traveling she tries to find jobs to earn some money but can be hard when looking for one. She works on the streets showing her amazing talented circus skills which she earn a bit of money. Than she off on the road on her next adventure.


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Could I interest you in a 1x1 PM though? sad

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Hi, I was wondering if you wanted to rp?

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Good morning, Sondra. Nice avi.

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Rp time? o__o
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Count Vladimir Dracula

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Wow, that's awesome! I really love the girls eye's, they look the universe, never seen any other anime put so much detail into the ey's before ^_^.

I'll have to look out for that one! Hate it when the charries have such dorky voices! and when there's like 100 other voices that could do better!

Hey have you read twilight?

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Oooooo, Thats right! I check it out now ^_^ Sorry!
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Christine Alina

Thanks it's a anime called claymore