Name: Chris Pitch
Alias: None
Alignment: Vigilante
Birth: February 9th, 1977
Hair: Black, short
Eyes: Dark brown- practically black, one has a vertical scar.
Current home: Gotham
Position/Occupation: G.C.P.I., ex-Marine Corps., and Current vigilante of sorts.
Powers: He is very skilled in warfare, guns, and fighting. He is very intelligent and a strategist. Inhuman strength, capable of lifting four times his own weight with ease. Recorded at maximum: half a ton. His agility is also to be noted. Very high pain-threshold. Can preform minor self-surgery if necessary. Has the ability of rapid recovery and an immunity to a few poisons- some animal, some plant, and very few human-made. An astute survivalist.
Weaknesses: He's still human, for one. He doesn't take kindly to jokes about his family or his grim past.
Family: Samuel Pitch (father/deceased), Angela Pitch (mother), Christina Shaw (sister/missing), Sheri Pitch (wife/deceased), Tom Shaw (brother-in-law/living).
Attitude: Very bitter, sarcastic. Not very susceptible to seduction. Takes pride in his work. Wouldn't hesitate to take criminals down. Not afraid to bend the rules to see results. However, he is compassionate towards friends- even when he doesn't show it.
Biography: Chris was a normal boy, raised by a war hero stuck in the glory days and a supportive, loving mother. He was influenced by his father to join the Marine Corps.; and he did, passing training with flying colors. When in battle, he was savage towards the enemy and compassionate to his fellow Marines and friends. He never lost sight on his mission and always completed it by the book. One day, however, he was stationed in Korea and was keeping watch over an enemy encampment. He was captured by guerrillas and drugged. When he awoke, he was strapped to a metal observatory table and had tubes coming in through his mouth, EKG machines connected to him. He had been experimented on by a secret organization in Korea called the Creed. The Creed ran continuous tests on him and tortured him viciously, which is the origin of the scar over his eye. He was an experiment called "The Valor Project", or "Project Valor". It was a project of drug experimentation and he was subjected to many different drugs in some form of product testing. It enhanced him, augmented him. Soon, he was released as property of the Creed. He was a war machine for them and killed mercilessly. Soon, he led his own uprising and resisted the Creed with many other test subjects under their own project aliases, escaping and returning to the Americas. He was discharged from the Corps. shortly after. Soon, he picked up another job, being a Private Eye in Gotham. He met a woman named Sheri, and soon married her after two years. Sheri was five months pregnant with their baby boy, John, but was killed in a hitman mix-up, intended to kill the concubine of a corrupt political machine. Out for blood, he used his Private Eye prowess and found that hitman and he killed him... Not before he tortured him in the same way the loss tortured him. Painfully. His wife's death not only influenced his Private Eye work, but into being a vigilante of sorts. He doesn't care for competing with Batman, but more of doing what is right. The only difference between the two is that he hasn't anything to lose. While he is an advocate of justice, he has long since grown disgusted with how lenient and corrupt the judicial systems around Gotham are. He still walks the streets of Gotham, a gun in his hand and a gleam in his eye for justice.


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Fel's Prayers

Just as the title says, these entries and logs provide some insight on the past Fel has endured thus far in his Earthly body



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Celes Howlett

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Celes Howlett

Probably Chris..but then again I did miss your Incubus qualities
Celes Howlett

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Celes Howlett

No I think I should pin you down to a wall and give you a nice big smooshie smoosh
Celes Howlett

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Celes Howlett

Hmmmm what to do with you >w>

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so rude
then again i'm not surprised

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cause i know everything

don't you remember that
Crimson Claws

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Crimson Claws

Watches the jingly rubber ball roll close to her. Eyes the object and before long pounces it! emotion_kirakira heart heart Rolls around the ground with the ball becoming quite entertained. =^.^=
Crimson Claws

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Crimson Claws

"Merow?" emotion_kirakira

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dunno but i'm glad you didn't
i am iconic

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ye son you better remember me
i am immortal

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mhmm you better remember that nickname


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