Does anyone read these anymore?


I am 06 user that has been through lots of tears, cheers and love here on gaia.
I have made some of my very best friends, found love and lost a lot of things because of this place. I come back and I am semi active from time to time. This place is to dear to me for to just up and leave it. So no, you can't have my rare items. Sorry not sorry. I do like to roleplay if you wanna shoot me a message and see if we can work something out. Much love and peace.

Super quick info:
Call me: Wind
Age: 26 year's young
Job: Preschool Teacher
Status: Taken (In an open relationship)
I enjoy: Larping, Cosplay, Comic con's, Concerts,
painting, hiking, meditating, cuddling, halloween and more
Everything else?
Check out zi tumblr!
Which is here


I am Sailor Moon. She is gender bend Winter Prince. Together we make magic.
Aside Note: I could give two shits if you dislike that I am big. Go hug your mother.

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