I haven't logged in in 4 years it is now 2016 and I am 26 years old oh my god.
I wanted to delete the profile but look at this crap it's a time-capsule.

Look at this pompus little p***k I wrote "leper-spawn" unironically jfc.

I'm a preschool teacher who likes to write about people getting stabbed and set on fire.


Probably all you were interested in about me:

4th Year English Major at the University of British Columbia. I'm a West Coast Canadian of Lebanese descent.

I can tend towards being a little pushy to keep a thread active as long as possible, but if I wanted to wait a month for a single post I'd stick to my Off-Gaia commitments. I don't need lightning speed, but at least a reasonable, predictable pace.

My choice in RPs has a direct link with my level of desperation. If I really really really want to post, I'll join the slummiest, crudist thread to get my fix, but then probably drop it like the nasty leper-spawn it is. When I am coherent and searching for a thread, Romance and Action are basically tied for first place in terms of genre, followed very closely by fantasy. I'm completely open to collaboration and enjoy playing either gender and whichever alignment; if you need a villain, I will quite gladly take the role.

Just another note: I started off RPing in battle-based threads, so I'm a total stickler for the basics of Role Play ettiquete; autohitting, puppeting, cleoing, etc., I won't get mad per-se depending on the thread, but I can guarantee I will point it out to whoever's doing it and attempt to explain why it makes me twitch.

Now get out of my profile and click the links instead )8<

Children of Gehenna- RPC Thread.


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Wow, did I just have the same moment as you or what? It's been five years, I'm almost 30, and I've worked non-profit with kids for three-or-so years.

I quite hope you're doing well! mrgreen
r e v e s n o i r s

Report | 04/07/2012 4:35 pm

r e v e s n o i r s

lookie at this
for old time's sake!

Miyuki Kitase

Report | 04/05/2012 3:32 pm

Miyuki Kitase

I still miss you. Just so you know.
r e v e s n o i r s

Report | 10/12/2011 8:42 pm

r e v e s n o i r s

yea but i talked to my parents and they said it would probably be better if i buy myself a new one
r e v e s n o i r s

Report | 10/06/2011 9:15 am

r e v e s n o i r s

so yea i have been busy with work and quite honestly had to take a break from gaia
its really hard for me to get on gaia without a computer and having your grandparents tell you when to get off :[
r e v e s n o i r s

Report | 09/19/2011 5:06 pm

r e v e s n o i r s

hey sorry disappeared weekends are just busy and i am trying to work more to pay off hospital bills
i am sure you all hate me right now but i would still like to be apart of this roleplay
Can you tell me what is going on and i will post as according and i promise it will be a great post!!!
r e v e s n o i r s

Report | 08/29/2011 6:46 pm

r e v e s n o i r s

r e v e s n o i r s

Report | 08/23/2011 12:25 pm

r e v e s n o i r s

pokey pokey pokey!
how ya been?!
Lady Ruee

Report | 07/23/2011 9:42 pm

Lady Ruee

Life goes on, you can only hope things get better. And reallys? Why you skirts gaia? Then aain, since im in that program, i barely have anytime to get on gaia so. Haha, sorry

-huggles Gehenna for the help
Lady Ruee

Report | 07/23/2011 9:04 pm

Lady Ruee

Yea, i nealy died. Sort of sucked, but i'm good now! Except for the fact im going through WW3 and my mom pretty much doesnt want me anymore, oh well, life goes on.

And it's understandable, i trust your alright though?