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I will, under no circumstances, keep my s**t G-rated. Unless the "G" stands for gangster. I can do that.

About Me

I'm 22, American, self-medicated and awesome at life.
In Skyrim, I named my gauntlets my Pimps Hands.
Then I double-enchanted that s**t.
I pee with the lights off at night.
If I'm online, I'm probably doing some gay s**t like RPing about wolves or Sailor Moon or Game of Thrones... or something.
I'm also a drawfag. I'll probably draw you things.
My room smells like fart right now.
I think I've watched the entire Xena series, like, probably 6 times.
I put cheese on everything because I'm a fat slut.
I always watch the Lion King on my birthday.
I spend all my spare time playing Destiny and watching anime,
It's pretty kickin'.


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Dazzling Citrine Report | 04/27/2015 6:00 pm
Dazzling Citrine
Hospital? Are you okay?
RavishingRuby Report | 02/04/2015 8:23 pm

Hello Darling~ Your turn..whenever you are ready...in Rubys Manor

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Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 01/25/2015 6:50 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
I don't want you to change, lovely. Your enthusiasm is a beautiful thing. Please stay the way you are. ^_^
Dazzling Citrine Report | 12/23/2014 1:55 pm
Dazzling Citrine

I'm getting around to replying in The Silk Stocking thread XD
Shotgun Pretty Report | 12/12/2014 10:21 am
Shotgun Pretty

Hey gorgeous how you doing?

Hurgy Report | 12/10/2014 12:10 pm
I'm not quite sure today. Was kind of perusing to see if anything too my fancy. Unfortunately everytime I do find something promising it seems like the other person wants to take ages to set it up and by then I'm bored. The other thing is that I'm rusty in a lot of fandoms I used to do (HP, Firefly, Trigun, etc). Worried I would mess up some of the canon bits.

Also - your signature is absolutely
tits. I love it
Hurgy Report | 12/10/2014 11:58 am
it's all good - I wasn't been terribly serious myself wink
anywhos, I came across a post of yours in Barton Town and was like 'dude, she looks awesome'
Hurgy Report | 12/10/2014 11:22 am
oh, excuuuuuuse me stare

I thought I posted on your profile actually. my bad yo.
can we still be friends after my grievous faux pas?
Bat Tea Report | 11/26/2014 3:56 pm
Bat Tea
I don't get many people from Moe here
Thanks smile
Miss Manic! Report | 11/21/2014 12:38 pm
Miss Manic!
daaanks for the stuff c:


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