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~My DeviantArt~
.•°¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤° иαмє: ¢ℓσυ∂.
иι¢киαмє: ρυ∂∂ι, fαιяу, α¢нє.
gєи∂єя: ραѕтєℓ ∂ємιgσ∂, fαωи¢нιℓ∂, ѕтαяяу fαιяу.

ℓιкє: fℓυffу тнιиgѕ, вυииιєѕ, ∂єєя, ∂єα∂ρσσℓ, вυттєяfℓιєѕ, ¢υ∂∂ℓєѕ, ¢αи∂у, яσѕєѕ, мσиѕтєя тяυ¢кѕ αи∂ αℓℓ ραѕтєℓѕ, тє¢ниσ мυѕι¢, вαкιиg, нιкιиg, ∂яαωιиg, ѕιиgιиg, ωяєѕтℓιиg.

∂ιѕℓιкєѕ: ѕтσямѕ, ¢ℓσѕє мιи∂є∂ ρєσρℓє, ¢σиfяσитαтισи, яυ∂єиєѕѕ, уєℓℓιиg, ѕρι∂єяѕ, ∂ιят αи∂ тнє ∂αяк.

вαи∂/ѕιиgєяѕ: иσ¢тυяиαℓ вℓσσ∂ℓυѕт, ѕσ¢ιαℓ яєρσѕє, נєffяєє ѕтαя, яαммѕтєιи, ραρα яσα¢н, ∂ιя єи gяαу, иѕρ, ѕтαявσмв, ραиι¢!αт тнє ∂ιѕ¢σ, кєяℓι, мαℓι¢є мιzєя, ∂, g-∂яαgσи, т.σ.ρ, ¢нισ∂σѕ, тнє υѕє∂, вℓυтєиgℓє, мιω, вνв, мαяιℓуи мαиѕσи, тяαρт, ѕєєтнєя, ѕι¢к ρυρριєѕ, кσяи, яσв zσмвιє, ωнιтє zσмвιє, ∂єα∂ σя αℓινє, ѕυg, α∂σяє ∂єℓαиσ, мυѕє, мєιинαя∂, мιѕѕ fαмє, αи∂ мυ¢н мυ¢н мσяє.

*αυтιѕм ѕρє¢тяυм ∂ιѕσя∂єя* °¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤°•.

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Sometimes I'm called →Chi, Chibi, Oni, Bunni.

I know I'm tall and all but I'm →17yrs old, 5ft tall.
I thought it was obvious that I sound like a → Man
I'm pretty confident that I'm → Homosexual.

xxxxxxxx↘↘▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂l e m m e ▐ T E L L ▐ y o u ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂

This is what makes me me, got it? → Oni Is a very solitary boy, he's nervous around everything and is always so quiet. He's a sweetie, but at first he seems very cold and unfeeling. Though once he warms up to someone he's bubble. Though when the moment strikes Oni, he can be super joyous and charismatic.

I'll never tell → [ S E C R E T S ]:
☝Loves leashes and collars.
☝Has never kissed before.
☝Loves his plushies more than anything else in the world.
☝Dated a girl once, who later beat him up for being the way he is.
☝Loves doing his make up when he's alone.

I'm good at → [ S K I L L S ]:
♲ Baking.
♲ Make up.
♲ Cheering people up.
♲ being Obediant.
♲ Dressing cutely.

Name: Alisa Aurora
Nickname: Ali, Aura
Age: 23 in human, around 90's in Incubus.
Gender: Male
Race: Incubus

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Personality: Very perky and giggle once he gets to know someone. At first he is very shy and quiet, he doesn't talk until he gets to know someone as well. Ali is often very curious.

Bio: Ali was born from several incubi and succubus, only for the fact that there hadn't been a youngster in many years. These several Incu and Succu gave parts of their personality to create Alisa. They told the young Incubi that he must find someone he can feed off of once he gets to the human world. The young one has been on the surface for two weeks so far, and he is already very hungry, most ignore his human disguise thinking he is too young. The elders have laid the future f their bloodline on Alisa, not only must he find a food source but he must find a way to destroy the elders curse so they may be able to come above ground again.

Skills(if any): Able to form little orbs of light in his hands, able to emit a smell only his "prey" would like/be able to define. He can meld into shadows very easily. And his fight skills are well developed for a young Incubi.

Other: Alisa has a fondness for sweets and colorful lights. He often wanders around the forest that's around the place he's be calling home. He can eat human food, but he burns it off relatively quick. His eyes change color to match his mood.

~Dominate personalities are smilies/icon_heart.gif , Just don't be a d**k. Submissive shouldn't mean lazy and doing nothing. It means the sub knows who is in charge, yet will still do all they can to please their partner/lover/mate.~


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Thanks I like yours too
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You're welcome darlin' ^^
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Awesome. I like them a lot ^^
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It's sooooo pretty!! You have gotten a lot better! Not that you weren't good before!
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Same here. My mom gets mad at me when I tell her sorry all the time
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I know. It's just something I always do, I'm constantly saying sorry for everything, even if I didn't do anything.
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Awe I sorry *huggles*


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