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Sonpi-Chan Report | 12/01/2017 3:19 pm
Ahaha, yeah, I know you asked but sometimes I get a little sidetracked when I talk about things I like. But a lot of this is also how I see the series and may not be totally accurate, whoops. But I’m gonna try!

I get the feeling that, perhaps, the developing romance was sort of…implied even if it wasn’t exactly expressed throughout the series. For whatever reason…I still don’t get it myself and I’m not a huge fan of the pairing either but. It is what it is, I guess. [/shrug]

The story starts with the focus of Kaneki being the “link” between the two, letting viewers experience the life of both sides—humans and ghouls—through him. Since he was a human turned ghoul and all that jazz. But the anime didn’t cover the whole story. Then again, the manga ended in a fashion that left me raging because “Where’s the rest? It cannot end like that!” But, then again, the story is a tragedy of sorts so I wouldn’t have been TOO surprised if it had remained as such…that’s when Tokyo Ghoul:RE started coming out. It’s the continuation of the series and will, hopefully, wrap things up. A lot more of the true plot of things is finally being revealed in :RE (even if it’s still a bit confusing). But other things are now starting to make sense the more I think on it. So I definitely recommend reading the manga if you want more of a grasp of the overall story that the anime kind of neglected.

As for all the fighting? Well, again, the manga covers things the anime didn’t. But a lot of characters have their own reasons for fighting. Some ghouls want to live peacefully alongside humans, some ghouls want to be ABOVE humans, others want revenge (including humans wanting revenge), some want to figure out a way to co-exist, etc. and yet so many ideals clash and cause conflict amongst the various characters. I find that interesting since “talking it out” sounds like an easy thing to do and would surely solve many problems but that’s a pretty easy way out as far as writing guys, I think. But I do believe they are starting to finally “talk things out” as the story’s gotten to where…humans and ghouls don’t have a choice but to sort of work together, whether they like it or not, ha.

Sonpi-Chan Report | 12/01/2017 2:29 pm
Ahhh, I gotcha! I have friends that have watched the anime and were all “Plot holes everywhere.” And I totally get it. I read the manga before watching the anime, so I can see them as well. I feel like the first part of the anime was for those who haven’t read the manga. Root A felt a little more…geared towards those who had (though not entirely). There are things I still don’t get as far as the series is concerned, such as the whole “Touka loving Kaneki” thing. I just—a friend and I were having a heated discussion about it the other day in fact, LOL. We don’t get it either. It’s just a strange turn of the series for me. Maybe I missed something somewhere.

As for Touka running instead of using her “abilities” to be fast? I can kinda-sorta explain but it might get confusing (as I’m horrible at explaining), haha, orz. Her ghoul type is an “Ukaku” which is the kind that have projectiles. They don’t have as much stamina as other ghouls, thus their need to be fast and take out their targets as quickly and efficiently as possible. And as it’s been a while since I’ve watched the anime or read the entire manga (I’ve been avidly following TG:RE right now), I can’t really say why Touka ran to the building exactly. I think it was more-or-less should anyone see her she wouldn’t give herself away as a ghoul since everyone was supposed to be evacuating and she wasn’t, I think, supposed to be there. [/shrug]

If I’m to be honest, Suzuya is my favorite character of the series. He’s crazy and strange throughout the series but it’s so fun to see how he’s grown overtime. Especially by time the series gets to :RE.

Which sides are you referring to with talk of fighting? The CCG (humans) and Ghouls? Peaceful ghouls and Aoigiri Tree (the other ghouls)? Or some other one?

And a thousand apologies. I could talk about this series forever, haha.

Sonpi-Chan Report | 12/01/2017 1:47 pm
Hmm...Honestly, I wasn't sure what to make of the series when I first started it, haha. But I just sort of fell in love with it. It's a "darker" series in my opinion. I enjoy the characters so much as well and that's pretty much what kept me going for a while. The story is pretty interesting as well. Plenty of drama and heart-wrenching moments. And definitely plenty of "wtf!" moments, ha. The anime is definitely more casual as far as I'm concerned and doesn't cover the story as in-depth. So it would be confusing for some people but it isn't bad by any means. The manga definitely goes into more detail and covers what the anime leaves out or skims over.

Sorry, I'm not being terribly specific. I know you said you don't mind spoilers but I'd hate to spoil it for you if you decide to look into the series.
Sonpi-Chan Report | 12/01/2017 4:56 am
Hmm...recent anime / manga that I would recommend? I'm not sure on "recent" but...
Tokyo Ghoul is definitely a manga that I would suggest; but I'm just an avid fan. So perhaps a little biased towards it as a whole. I also think Bungou Stray Dogs is a good series (anime and manga-wise). An off the wall set of manga I think are worth a read are March Story and Nightmare Inspector. As for anime? I'm a bit behind on anything but I am finally sitting down to watch Kino no Tabi: The Animated Series. Two episodes in and I'm quite pleased with the continuation of this wonderful (in my opinion) series.

What kind of series do you like? I might be able to recommend some others along those lines. Though I can't say any may be "recent".
HellfireSeraphim Report | 11/14/2017 9:50 pm
ninja heart
Miss Squiggly Report | 11/05/2017 7:55 pm
Miss Squiggly
Hi Chii! How’s it going? I took a bit of a hiatus from Gaia. Still making arts tho and finally getting a chance to watch Stranger Things. C:
Ichinose Mizuhino Report | 10/24/2017 7:31 pm
Ichinose Mizuhino
whee Chii~! Your outfit looks amazing emotion_bigheart
Ichinose Mizuhino Report | 10/20/2017 7:02 pm
Ichinose Mizuhino
emotion_bigheart Hey Chii, how are you?
draxiss Report | 09/16/2017 4:24 am
Cool avatar
Yuuma Sun Report | 09/10/2017 11:03 pm
Yuuma Sun
Ohh Awesome :3
Class Monday-Friday
I have a morning class and a night class with 8 hrs between them burning_eyes
Mon/Wed> Art of Storytelling
Mon/Wed> HCOM Communications and Community Ethics
Tues/Thurs> Intro to Environmental Science
Fri> 3 hour Lab for Envrionmental

I was supposed to take Intermediate Japanese but the classes got filled up,
so I'm going to try a get the class next semester.

What are you taking? 3nodding

p.s. I log on more on my other account Ichinose Mizuhino
Yuuma is mostly used for charity purposes.
You can friend request me OwO

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