Chihiro Kanesaki
Type: Vocaloid (Tends to wear kitty ears at times)
Age Appearance: Seventeen-Eighteen
D.o.B: September 5th
Height: 55 ft
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Gray(v1), Blue(v2), Green(v3)
Status: Unknown
Genre: Pop, R&B, HipHop
Owner: Unknown
Reason: Chihiro does not want to talk about it
Likes: Almost everything
Dislikes: Almost nothing
Signature Song: Butterfly

Chihiro K. is a unique Vocaloid her eye color changes frequently, mainly to blue, green, and gray
She is usually mistaken for Luka Megurine
She tends to be called nicknames such as Chi, Chihi, Chichan, Hiro
Chihiro tends to sing her last name (Kanesaki) with "Make me happy"
She was designed to set a goal in making the people around her happy

Personality Traits
Chihiro is a bubbly, happy, bashful, clumsy, and clingy character
She enjoys dressing up as a cat, neko, wearing ears
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