I acknowledged my cowardly past
but still don't understand why
I hide my fear behind a hopeful self-image
I've drawn so many skies
my heart must be fleeting out of control
in my dreams I'm flying away from all my fears
these sleeping feelings blossom from inside me and grow
I realize, despite my weakness, as long as you're with me
I can remain strong in this dark world
my heart will dream forever
I want to always be with you
I'll give you everything I have

the tolling of faraway bells
sounded a little lonely to me
so I tried again, even harder
this time flying as high as I could
neither this reality that just keeps repeating itself
nor all my wishes as numerous as the stars
now that I know the future I should strive for
none of them can overcome these feelings I have
an endless world opens up before my eyes
even if it's only a dream
even if I'm still lost, deep in my heart, it's strong
forever and ever it echos
softly, so softly, it shines

call me Twilight, or Twi for short. if you want to know any of my other names, ask me, or make one up.

I am a non-religious Spiritualist. my view of God is smiler to the Iroquois beliefs coupled with Hinduism and Taoism. God is like the equation Zero Divided by Zero Equals the Solution Set Zero, One, and Undefined. God is also like White Light. in Physics, we know that White Light is made of a Spectrum of seven colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet). we cannot see these colours until we refract the Light through a prism. similarly, Reality is a Spectrum of God, which we only perceive because we refract the Undefinable God through our Minds. you can't perceive God because to attribute any quality to Him is to only deny him another. God is Everything and Nothing, and all things and nothing are God.

politically, I am Syndicalist, leaning Anarcho-Syndicalist. you could call me a Left-Libertarian. I believe that Confederations and Communes and Tribes are more effective structures of civilization, and Direct Democracy and Worker-Managed Industry make the best government models. personally, I want to live a simple rural agricultural lifestyle with home-grown foods and home-raised livestock.

socially, I am a Tribalist. my friends and family come first, and within that I hold Loyalty in utmost importance. seniority rules can take precedence over a new person very easily. I've never really understood how race or marriage or heritage can be so binding to people. to me, Family is defined by Loyalty and Love and kinship. my Clan is whoever the hell is on my side.

Ethically, I am an Emotivist. I am amoral, but I believe that Enlightened Egoism is the most practical ethical behavior. Benevolence should be one's default behavior, because Humans need eachother to survive. but all that benevolence should be an investment. if it isn't being reciprocated, cease to be generous to the mooch. altruism is ultimately more damaging in the long run, to individuals and communities. the most important thing is to be True to Yourself. in D&D terms, I am most likely Chaotic Neutral with Evil tendencies.

if you wanna know more, talk to me. I love answering questions.

Coco name: Sonja
Goti name: Skottie
Crow name: Norn
Mouse name: Isa
Wolf-Pup Name: Garrow
Ace name: Pepper

My Gaia Sign is Halos for those of you who are wondering, though my first account was sign Arca.

Those born under the Halos constellation are what you might call a goodie-two-shoes. They do their best at everything they do, always wear a smile and negativity never gets them down. They usually obey the rules, which is admirable, but sometimes when the rules ought to be bent or broken, they reveal themselves to be a stick in the mud. They can be incredibly friendly, generous, forgiving, helpful, likable and all-round saint-like, but they can also come across as smug, self satisfied and holier than thou, which won't win them many favours.

Those gaiaborn under the sign of the trunk, the Arca constellation, are capable of staying cool under most pressures, or at least maintaining that illusion. As a friend, they can be incredibly supportive, but as a result of keeping up such a tough, reliable exterior for everyone else, they can often feel empty inside and in need of someone to return the favour. Often loyal and trustworthy, they rarely divulge secrets they've been given, and can keep them locked away inside for as long as necessary. Sadly, they can often be exploited because of their loyalties, which can lead to them feeling worthless, but when freed from the vibes they hop around like there's no tomorrow!

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Japanese Lyrics

Setsunasa no kagiri made dakishimetemo
ii basho made
Itsumademo hitotsu ni wa narenakute
Yasashisa yori fukai basho de
Fureau no wa itami dake
Futari wo musunde kudasai
Bokura wa mou yume wo minai
Tomadoi nagara te wo totte
Zankoki na yoake no hou e arukidasu.
Hontou no kotoba wa kitto hontou no sekai no dokoka
Bokura no mukuchi na yoru ni hisonderu
Ima mo kitto.

English Translation

Even if we embrace until it begins to hurt
until we find where we belong.
we two won't be able to become one.
Even in a place deeper than kindness
touching each other is merely pain.
Please bind us together.
We won't dream anymore
We'll just hold hands hesitantly
and start walking toward a cruel dawn.
True words must be somewhere in the real world
hiding in our nights of silence.
Surely, even now.


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Report | 09/15/2014 10:38 pm


Sleep well Zack. heart

Report | 09/15/2014 10:20 pm


I hope everything is okay with you today

Report | 09/15/2014 7:28 am


Well, if you happen to not be able to sleep and you come on here and see this, feel free to call me. I've pretty much been up all night and I dont plan on sleeping until 7pm (need to get my sleeping pattern back in check)
The Willow Of Darkness

Report | 09/15/2014 6:46 am

The Willow Of Darkness

Moral absolutes... are a misleading description of what I am arguing. The objectivity I am talking about is not a matter of everyone being bound to a single set of rules which are the same across the board. It is a matter of someone having a responsibility to act in a way which is ethical. I shall leave you with a conundrum to stew over:

Let's take an unethical act, say the abuse of another. In what circumstance is abuse ever amoral or ethical? Is there someone situation where beating up a person who is no threat is justified? Furthermore, if there is a situation where it is acceptable, does it not mean, in the given situation, the action is ethically acceptable by definition (i.e. objectively not immoral)? Considering this, how exactly can there ever be a confusion over the relationship of ethics to subjectivity/objectivity? How can an act be moral or immoral if someone isn't, with respect to the given situation, responsible to act in a specific way?
The Willow Of Darkness

Report | 09/15/2014 6:31 am

The Willow Of Darkness

Sigh... I have work to do then. blaugh

I still owe you a post on free will too. They will have to wait I think; I need to go to bed.
The Willow Of Darkness

Report | 09/15/2014 6:21 am

The Willow Of Darkness

Your experiences, for example, are an objective part of reality. They are something which is true, defined in conjunction with how others act towards and how society is organised. If you experience discrimination, that is an objective aspect of the world. If someone defines a value system which causes people to attack, that is an objective aspect of the world. If society is organised in such a way that you are oppress and have less power, that is an objective aspect of the world. If these previous states of the world are immoral and need to change, that is an objective feature opt the world.

A given subjectivity is a truth, embedded within the world and amongst other people, which are likewise, each a truth and have particular true relationships with each other.
The Willow Of Darkness

Report | 09/15/2014 6:07 am

The Willow Of Darkness

Objective. I meant effects on and of subjectivities are objective.

Report | 09/15/2014 4:53 am


That's a good one. Havent listened to Papa Roach in a long time.

Report | 09/15/2014 4:41 am


Yeah. I understand...

Report | 09/15/2014 4:37 am


I am not angry with you. I am angry at the situation.


take aim at this paradoxical world, and pull the trigger without hesitation.