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W E L C O M E !

Hello, my name is Chibirem. You may call me Chibi or Lune (formally DJ Lune). I am a freelance artist and I enjoy drawing as much as I can, wherever I can! Im a digital and traditional artist. I've never been to any art schools or classes, although I have gone through many trials and errors to get where I am today. Drawing = my life.

Im a very shy person but I love making friends.

My favorite colors are: black, pink, grey, purple and blue.

In my free time, I like to play League of Legends. Feel free to PM me your summoner name and we can play together! I usually main: Mid, Support or ADC.

I love stars, galaxies and anything to do with astronomy. Its also where I get my usernames from.

I am taken and I absolutely love him to death. We are expecting our first in October of 2014. ♥

[formally DJ Lune]


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Mokoni Report | 09/23/2016 3:41 am
VampireDraculina Report | 09/01/2016 1:42 am
Mana Caelum Report | 11/21/2014 11:16 pm
Mana Caelum
Honestly, I have the same type of problem! I can't price crap to save my life. I manage to price my rlc but that's about it!
Your stuff is worth billions. Maybe over 50 billion and more. I see artists in the art shops that aren't that skilled imo and
sell their art for A LOT. So I don't know...there should be a price suggestion forum you could go to and ask randoms.

I make people offer bribes in my shop, it's so much easier... xd
Mana Caelum Report | 11/18/2014 4:10 am
Mana Caelum
Yes, I still do. I recently opened up gaia commissions~ now another 6 months before I open again lol
I ask for items instead of gold. Gold is pretty worthless. I got a bunch of my wishlist items from
the gaia commissions I did.
If there's some items you want, let peeps offer them? :3
CyCyDark Report | 11/18/2014 1:14 am
Congratulations, Luney! emotion_yatta
Mana Caelum Report | 11/17/2014 8:42 pm
Mana Caelum
Anytime hun! Babies are so precious! I can't wait to have a family too!
I've noticed you weren't as active, or maybe I wasn't on that much to know!
Overated Titan Killer Report | 11/17/2014 5:17 pm
Overated Titan Killer
I just ;n; I wanna buy art but I just </3
nff *whispers* I just love you so much ;n; I would be your friend but yeah
That'll be weird...
*Crazy weirdo that loves to make friends at random moments*
Mana Caelum Report | 11/17/2014 1:38 pm
Mana Caelum
You have a baby? surprised
Congrats Mama!
Anonymous Kitsune Report | 10/06/2014 11:41 am
Anonymous Kitsune
Pretty good Lune, just been checking back here every now and then, how are you? biggrin
Overated Titan Killer Report | 09/20/2014 8:14 am
Overated Titan Killer
I am in love with your art ^-^


Formally DJ Lune

My art shop is here