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The name is Chibii, or Sidney.
I am 19. I currently live in Spokane, Wa. I plan on going to college to get a degree in animation and art and hopefully work at Pixar or Dreamworks (Thats the dream at least). I'm kind of an open book. I'm a huge nerd and I spend more time watching people playing video games than I do actually playing them. I'm currently in the process of making my own web comic and although I won't give out the plot I will tell you all the troubles and frustrations that go into it. I do have a skype and I'm more than not willing to reply faster with it than using PMs and stuff. My skype is "belarussidney" just make sure to tell me who you are before you add me, so I can confirm it. My personal tumblr is Well, if you give this a read, let me know, or not its kind of whatever. This is just to tell you a little bit more about me.

✧ Cats
✧ Steven Universe
✧ Lace
✧ Frilly things
✧ Leather
✧ Studs
✧ Tattoo
✧ Piercings
✧ Jewelry
✧ Anime
✧ Game Grumps / Markilpier / Achievement Hunter / Cryaotic
✧ Drawing
✧ Reading
✧ Writing
✧ Designing
✧ Blaring music in my bedroom for late night dance parties
✧ Love stories
✧ Horror movies
✧ Gore
✧ Starry eyes
✧ Heart eyes
✧ Minecraft
✧ Don't starve
✧ Mythological creatures
✧ Lore
✧ Ghosts
✧ Fairies

✦The feeling after watching a horror movie
✦Assholes (the person kind)
✦Walking home alone in the dark
✦Public speaking
✦The sun rays that somehow come in through the curtain just to hit you right in the face
✦Guilt tripping
✦When an anime only comes out with one season even though the books still continues
✦Animal abuse
✦Societies standards
✦Weird kinks
✦Patterns on clothing
✦Country music
✦Jazz music
✦The ending to the movie The Mist


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Chibii Hime

My tumblr is chibiihime My instagram is chibiihime My snapchat is chibiihime