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Hikari Amaya Report | 09/13/2011 2:05 am
Hey Chibi, not sure if you are forever gone now, but i wanted ou to know this is my new account. James and I broke up a year ago and I wander around Gaia a lot now smile Maybe someday youll be back smile
Syreyuu Report | 03/19/2009 8:30 am
Well even if you aren't on Gaia anymore I'm still gonna say Happy Birthday even though its tomorrow. = ^_^ =
amerail Report | 10/31/2008 9:01 am
aah your avi is unique ! User Image
When A Ringbell Calls Report | 10/30/2008 4:50 pm
Random comment User Image
PAPERD0LLPRINCESS Report | 10/29/2008 12:55 pm
Thank you for your purchase! User Image
kityvampiregirl Report | 10/29/2008 12:09 pm

thnx 4 buying!!!

have a nice day!^_^
Maguderena Report | 10/25/2008 2:15 am
thx for buying^^
roselessfaith Report | 10/23/2008 12:34 pm
heyyyy!!!! whats up?! I havent heard from you in a long time!! You werent on when I got banned =( so I was hoping you'd find me sometime or through james or something =(
dark_luna24 Report | 10/23/2008 9:30 am
thanks for buying User Image
Under The Lights Report | 10/07/2008 2:19 pm
Anything's awesome. Thank you.



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So for those of you who know me, Im Chibi.

Well, I quit gaia.
And after 3 years, I decided what the hell, and came back. Probably temporarily, but it's highly possible I may stick around.

I really did get rid of my stuff, so if I decide to stick around, I'll be building from the ground up.

I'm debating on sticking around, concider today my return, but on hiatus still. I plan to do alot more IRL with my family, because my brother is still sick, my mother recently had surgery, and as a result of the preceeding amoung other things, my sister has depression. Oh, and I'm still crazy, just not as bad as before. Meds for me has helped, So I'm not as paranoid as before for one thing.

So in 3 years, I've changed a good deal I think. I've gotten better, but life is still a rollercoaster. We're just seeing where this rollercoaster goes...

ANYWAYS, as for gaia, I surfed around tektek and made myself a dream avi based on my favorite color, Purple. heart However, it's going to be questing time for a while now. >.> 2mil is alot for someone who is restarting. Most of the cost is in those pretty wings, so That's what Im planning on focusing my quest on first. ^_^
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Total Value: 1,959,325 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Liquorice Stripe Jumbo Lollipop
Stealth UltraViolet Sleeves
Astra-XIX: Cruel Night Wings
Vile Night Jewel
Purple Dark Elf Thigh Boots
Purple Flowered One Piece Swimsuit
Vorpal Violet Shredded Skirt