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Hello, I am the Chibi-Speck! I still have not reached 5 feet tall) and am an East Asian Studies major with a Chinese minor.

One can usually find me in RPs and such on Gaia. I prefer literate RPs and am usually picky about the RPs I join. I also sometimes participate in art auctions and have my own art shop in the forums.

My pastimes include reading(a lot of it), drawing, and writing stories. I have close to forty characters and spend time coming up with background stories for them and seeing what artistic depiction I can give the newer ones.

That's about it, I hope you enjoy my profile and thanks for stopping by!


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Shibijibi Report | 02/15/2013 8:37 am
Thanks so much for purchasing!! cat_biggrin *Hugs!* Come again! :3
(Love your avatar, by the way! X3 )
alec_drakon Report | 10/17/2012 4:10 pm
A very lovely avi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dolphins are my life Report | 07/20/2012 9:10 am
I'm in your profile! I'm in your profile! *dances around*
cutepinaygabby8 Report | 06/30/2012 1:50 pm
Thank you for purchasing! 4laugh
dolphins are my life Report | 09/28/2011 9:40 am
Gargle salt water and take an antibiotic. 3nodding
dolphins are my life Report | 09/28/2011 9:37 am
Uh....bad genes or bad luck?
dolphins are my life Report | 09/28/2011 9:33 am
why what?
dolphins are my life Report | 09/26/2011 5:08 pm
Sorry bout your fish. cry
dolphins are my life Report | 08/25/2011 8:20 pm
Well next time, you can tell the difference cause I'm going to tell you a secret. This is my secret to staying sting free. If it buzzes, it can and probably will at some point, hurt you. ^.^ I have learned to hear bees from miles away. If I hear it, I just run. The direction doesn't even matter. xp
dolphins are my life Report | 08/25/2011 6:56 pm
That's why bees are evil and should be avoided. rofl