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Name: Angie (meaning: The messenger of God/The Wind)
Helwo there, I'm Angie Nguyen. You could call me: Chi, Chibi, Kitsu or Kit. I'm _ _ (yes I know I look like a 13 year old, but I am not), I am Vietnamese (a lot of people thought I was a mixed race like Japanese/Mexican but I’m NOT), Buddhism, and yesss I was born in San Diego, California (USA). I am a GIRL. I'm a Gemini. I am 5ft and 1 inch tall...smilies/icon_crying.gif I am a short Asian. I am the only child in the house with supportive parents that loves me to death. I’m a sweet, adorable, caring, joyful, flattering, polite, creative, and a helpful person. My fears are spiders, dead people, snakes, heights, deep pools/ocean, death, thunderstorms, getting pregnant, and lots more. I graduated high school in 2008 so don’t hate, appreciate! I am a MA (medical assistant) and my goal is to try my hardest with my best ability in the clinic office that I am currently working at. I am a lefty duh, I drive around places and at work as well, I’m an outside/inside person (mostly), and have no piercing since I don't like wearing jewelry on me except my necklace with the dragon on it; and no I was born the year of the horse. I don’t smoke/drink alcohol; I don't like people that are in depression mode since I would be helpless when I am around them. I am an attractive person since I get that a lot from other guy friends from high school. I don’t swear much unless I get really pissed off over something that really annoys me (I would table flip and might flip my lappy as well). I love being in a bright room than a dark room since I have trouble seeing at night pretty well without my glasses. I love ice cream (mostly mint choco, green tea, coffee, LUCAS flavors), I don’t drink soda because I’d rather drink water/juice more. I LOVE SUSHI (depending what I like from the menu), my favorite fast food place: McDonalds, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., ehh and In-N-Out Burger. I love carne asada a lot. My favorite song genres: Soft pop, Jpop, Kpop, R&B, Trance, Acoustic, Alternative/Rock, Anime, Electronic, and others. I watch mostly horror movies. I sing when I am bored, only the songs that I remember that got stuck in my head. I wear almost anything that looks cute on me; I love my kitsune cosplay along with my outfit that matches the furry pattern which is black and red (my main favorite combination color, 2nd: Light blue and white). Yes, yes I am a cosplay person as well in case you are wondering. I love to wear fuzzy boots and converse. I love animals, especially the dog family: Foxes!!! That's about me....I think...but if you want to get to know me more please don't hesitate to ask.

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This is Ray-bie Chen (I call him by his nickname which is Ray, because he feels comfortable with it). I met him on 10/23/13 He is my amazing caring boyfriend that I extremely love soo much. He knows me very much and we do have things in common. I would write soo much about this guy and between our communication lol. We met at the college cafeteria, I think I saw him somewhere but wasn't sure if it was him. When Frank my class bio buddy introduce Ray to me, I was surprised that he hangs out in the cafeteria with me and BAM, it was him that I saw from the college campus last two semesters in 2012 I believe. Ray-san, he brightens my day every morning when he text me at 6AM. He reads me pretty well, I am slowly get to know him every day as we talk every night on Skype. We share our feelings to each other, we understand each other as well. We both find our ways from our problems. We always be close since we don't live that far apart. I finally completely happy with this guy and he cured my heart very quickly. He always there for me when I am down. If I need him, I know where he will be at. I had a fun/exciting/amazing/lovely date with him and we both enjoy it very much. We won't let go of each other since I am his Pikachu and he is my Umbreon ^^ He shall always be mine and I will always be his for life. Can't wait to see how this is working out between us. He and I are really close ever day when we hang out to be together. Our date started on 11/17/13. We reached to 1 year anniversary, woohoo~
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I have two dogs (Sam: 6 years old Chihuahua full & Missy: 4 years old Pomeranian full); I taught them a lot of tricks and yes, I love dogs over cats.My thoughts when I wake up every morning: “What am I going to do today?” –LMAO.


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