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Okay dokies, I hate to sound grumpy and mean but I'm going to set some ground rules when it comes to shopping with me.

Rule Number one - No begging. I worked hard for my items and so should you. I'm not going to randomly hand out items to people I've not spoken to before.

Rule Number two - Serious offers only. I don't mind PMs but if your going to offer me pocket change for an expensive item please just don't press send. I probably won't even answer you. sad

Rule Number three - No random friends requests please. I won't accept them unless I've spoken to you before and or have a common interest.

Rule Number four - Don't send me Scam PMs. I wasn't born yesterday and I will report you.

I'd like to think I'm a friendly person otherwise so please don't be scared to PM me. whee If you share similar intrests as me or want to make an offer for my items then please do drop me a line. I enjoy getting PMs from people.

Thank you for reading my store front. I hope your day is pleasent.
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