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Information about my profile
Profile Version 6 - Made 11/12/08
The art on this profile was drawn by me. I also coded it all by hand so please no stealing from me.
The textures and brushes used on the background and banners were from Fractured-sanity

My names Marinrin Chianne online but I generally go by Chianne for short. I joined Gaia back in '03 and I've been active ever since. Please don't let my post count fool you as I'm on almost every day, I'm just very shy and a huge lurker.

Many people seem to think that '03 members are mean and elitist, however I'd like to think of myself as an easy going happy person so please don't hesitate to talk to me as I enjoy getting messages.

My Gaia Life

I joined Gaia in '03 when a friend sent me the link.
Although he was the first to join he is does not come on Gaia at all anymore. He quit and gave me all his items.

Although I joined in July 03, I really didn't pay attention to Gaia till around Halloween that same year. I still have an unaltered paper bag, as well as a full set of paper bag masks. I didn't manage to grab any of Jack's bags though. I could kick myself over that.

December '03 was a very busy month for me, it was the first month I ever donated and participated in a Gaia event. That Christmas I got a pair of Fairy wings from the infamous "Gift Tree." I also had a very generous person trade me a letter Oct '03 for my Dec '03. I've still not forgotten that Gaian.
Finally I saved up enough gold to purchase both the AFK hat and the OMG hat with a friends help as well.
Thus began my Gaia Legacy.

I consider myself a GCDer despite the low post count as its my favourite forum.
Due to the fact I am shy and lurk a lot I only really hang around in the following forums.

#Gaia Community Discussion
#Art Discussion / Textiles and Crafts
#Lifestyle Discussion
#Site Feedback
#The GAIA Exchange

I adore getting comments on my profile and getting random PMs. Please note though that I don't accept random friend invites and I don't donate to people who ask. I give out my gold randomly to people I feel deserve it or to friends.

A little about the real me

My real name is Jojoand I come from Cornwall, in England.
Cornwall is a wonderful place, its very quiet and scenic. Its often cold and rainy though. Which is my ideal weather smilies/icon_whee.gif
I love Dogs and Cats and all the normal cute things that girls tend to like. I'm 24 but I apparently look a lot younger.

I collect many things. I find it very hard to stop collecting things actually.
I love Asian Ball Joint dolls, and have a little family of six. If you'd like to see them, my doll blog is linked at the top of my profile in my little banner collection.
I also collect Pinky Street, Qee Chains and figures of characters from Games or Anime.

I'm a huge crafter, and I just love making things. My current obsession is Badge making. I have a badge making machine and sell lots of my designs on Etsy. The link is available at the top of my profile in my banner collection if you'd like a peek.
I also make things from felt, super sculpey and polymer clay. I enjoy drawing a great deal and I'm able to use several different mediums. Markers are my love of the moment.

I'm an avid video gamer. I have many consoles and hundreds of Games. To list them would be insane, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


All the art featured in this profile was made by me.

Please feel free to check out my DeviantART, which is linked at the top of my profile in my banner collection.

To see other pieces of art I have collected over the years of my Gaia character please click the icon below.

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Link to me?

Please visit Here to see my profile quilt.

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Hey fellow English lady, cute avi ^^

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awww...now that you're changed it does match and looks kick a**. Either way, your avie is very cute, I like it.