- I have to thank BLAZE The Infernal for my Multimedia! Thanks BLAZE!

About the character:

- Chi-Pri was a character I drew and then made the storyline about her. She is an angelic Werewolf with telekinetic powers who lived her life normally all until she was 14, when she was attacked one night by a Lycanthrope, or Werewolf. Therefore, she turned into one as well, gaining her powers and her ability to shape-shift from her human disguise to her Werewolf form. She was in love before she changed, but now, she was in love with a human who might no longer love her, or even kill her if he found out. She lives her Werewolf life in secret, without even her family knowing, and she still goes to school with the humans.

- This is Chi-Pri's True form:

- Also: I do Avi Art! The prices are a steal at 500g for a pencil drawing and 1000g for a color drawing!

- Here are some samples:

I love you doggy_poo!!! smilies/icon_heart.gif

Have a symbol you want me to put in your Art? No problem! Check it out:

Here's Avi Art of My friend [.Dark.Ninja.Bunneh.] !

- My most awsome and recent Avi Art! The first one I used photoshop on!!! smilies/icon_whee.gif You rock Miss Baka!!!

- I am staring a new business! I will draw wings or this wolf body -or something else, just say so- on your Avi like these for 2200g! (Sorry it's so expensive! It takes me 4 or more hours to do!).
- IMPT: If you have another item you want drawn on, or you need it to be cheaper, PM me and we can work out a price. ^_^

- I got BoReD... smilies/icon_xp.gif It's Chi and Hideki from Chobits!

(Note: My name has nothing to do with Chi from Chobits)

~ Donators ~ :

1st donator! : KillmeKissme15 : Rough black jeans! <3
2nd : coconutkat : white tied top! <3
3rd : doggy_poo : 500g! <3
4th : Kalkervic : Lex's White Boots! <3
5th : Does this count as a donation? XD Avi Art won from Porcelain's Bumping Contest! <3
6th : oOMaliceOo : 100g! <3
7th : chainsaw42 : Solar Headress! <3
8th : xx.Sweet.Surrender.xx & ~midnite wish~ : Guitar of Angellus!!! <3
9th : Kalkervic : An awsome animation!!! <3

No matter how big or small the
donation, these people are loved
more than they know! ^.^

Porcelain's Art is the best! It looks just like me in real life... smilies/icon_whee.gif
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My impossible Dream Avi! ^_^

Goddess Of Gold Chi-Pri
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do u still gaia?

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Hey, TeddyAngel and you came back on. User Image

Although I'm gonna lose my internet.. User Image

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OMG! Chi! You wouldn't remember this username but I went by +Beautifully_Mysterious+ and ~beautifully_mysterious~ for a long time. I was on my banned account and found the old Guitar Giveaway threads from two years ago. I just wanted to drop in and leave you a random message. I'm not sure how often you get on Gaia, but it's great to have found you again! I hope you remember me....

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hey how have you been? ur avatar is like.. crazy awesome.
Kataki Cake

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Kataki Cake

Hey! I haven't talked to you forever! Do you remember me at all? :3

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[-] HAvent talked to yew in the longest sis! hope yewr awright....what's goin on? ~User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. -link obsessive [-]

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Have Fun On April Fool Day!
Major Cinnamon Bun

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Major Cinnamon Bun

hows life?

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High-low Chi!
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