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`Nona Report | 05/17/2016 12:53 am
nah u dont mate, i suffer with depression and anxiety rly bad, i dont go anywhere or see anyone, just gaia all day everday and do drugs n.n; there are better role models out there.
`Nona Report | 05/17/2016 12:47 am
i'm not sure why tho xD
`Nona Report | 05/17/2016 12:45 am
js tho o.o; if you're a guy, u should know that i'm straight sweatdrop
aise krom Report | 05/17/2016 12:40 am
aise krom
`Nona Report | 05/17/2016 12:35 am
you're welcome n.n; im not all that special tho js
aise krom Report | 05/17/2016 12:32 am
aise krom
Are you sure?????? question question question question
`Nona Report | 05/17/2016 12:31 am
o, well thank you redface
`Nona Report | 05/17/2016 12:30 am
what did i do for u to love me? o:
Nat1v3_Luv-B1tch3z Report | 07/23/2014 11:09 pm
The hell's of satan wishes you didn't love.
He rather you die for heaven than tell all sh i t.
Ha :3
On Rainy Nights Report | 04/10/2014 1:58 am
On Rainy Nights
Oh, thank you! Let's share the love!