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NOTE: this updates alot
abilities are growing so prepare for rare updates
alignment: good/neutral

]gaia parents: Roxas & Akantha
Relationship with:Dumah Blackthorn

Name: taari / cheshire
Name: taari / cheshire
Age: (1995)
Race: neko/vampire
Gender: female
Height: 5ft
Weight: 125

Bow blade:
A trick weapon of two curved blades joined together (magnetically) at the handle of the blade giving off a magical hum that creates the string.

Holy items/blessed objects
Sun: vampire and physical movement abilities debuffed.

Abilities: magical
Illusion /invisibility
Shapeshift (white cat and shrink to be 8in tall)
Fire, electric and ice (channeled through the bow blade)
Astral Projection: The ability to separate and control one’s astral body outside of the physical body. The out-of-body experience where one can travel outside of their body.
Fade step/teleport
Elemental shield: can create a shield with her weapon out of fire or ice

Heightened senses/movement
Blood magic
Life drain: A vampire based fang to skin can drain a portion of the victim’s life adding to the owners.

Spiritual awareness
Night vision
Fangs / bite
Feline flexibility/jump
Speed/high evade
Herbalist: all carried in side bag she carries around on adventures.
her personal favorite salve (no name yet) smells of tea tree, lavender, sage and coconut. this is used to treat almost every type of wound (burns, cuts, gashes so on). when applied it makes the area it's applied numb and slightly accelerates healing of the wound. pending on how serious the wound is pends on how fast it heals. for serious wounds it's very effective when the salve is placed in the wound instead of over (sorry guys lol)

Taari was born into the tribal life, born to no mother or father. Being raised by the shaman of the tribe. who shunned her for the lack of natural mother or father in the picture. And would often abused /bullied Taari, even though she was to become the tribe's shaman when the time came. After putting having to deal with the abuse the tribe folk put on her, Taari made the attempt to escape the village. Scared and confused she found herself in the chaos of city life of pán, a massive place filled with crime and racism. For over a year she lived on the streets doing her best to be hidden from any people that would cause harm, making few friends. Two of them being owners of a cafe where human and inhuman races worked together, causing controversy. The gay couple tried to take her in but because of rules and regulations of the city they could not afford making her a legal citizen and countless paper work that followed after. In secret she lived behind the cafe in a old shack attached. The owners giving her food and other items she needed with no cost at all, but she would repay them either way by helping around the cafe during closing hours every night she could. Without the authorities in sight.

Sometime after a year a a person took interest in taari, seeing that she was a stray on the streets attempted several times to interact with the neko. But taari being afraid of people would flee at the sight of anyone she didn't know. One night however, taari had twisted her ankle after running away from a group of thugs. Not able to walk this person found the opportunity to finally make communication with her. Not many words were exchanged on that note he brought her home, tending to her ankle and made sure she was well provided for. Two weeks rolled by that she remained in the house, ultimately not giving her name the owner nick named her cheshire. Due to that of her quiet nature she would surprise him time to time as if she appeared out of nowhere. Along with the question of if she wanted to stay, taari agreed after being well taken care of. Naturally helping around with ever tasks she could do, eventually their relationship evolving into something more. It was only then taari started to learn more about herself through series of events that happened, that lead to her being turned into a vampire. Sometime later a witches coven that suffered a 200 year war discovered taari and who she was living with.

They were separated due to certain events that occurred, and taari began learning magic through the matriarch of the coven. Taari learned that the man who took her in was greatly involved with the coven and that she was a supernatural hiccup in a reincardnation that should never had happened. She was the reincarnation of Irae Ulula who died during the war and was of great importance to this coven of witches, titled the vessel of tenebris. Hoping to recover the ancient history that was in taaris soul, they learned her soul was completely blank and whole. Whatever caused the hiccup not only brought taari into the world but completely wiped all past lives including irae from the picture. Like someone factory resetting a computer. Someone theorized it had something to do with the corrupted (tenebris) rejoining with irae under magical events by pure accident. By all means of being completely useless to the hierarchy of the coven the matriarch took taari under her wing. Being given the name child of tenebris, with shoes to fill in taking iraes place. It was a matter of time before she was reunited with the man that saved her and the few sparks of war finally faded.

a hourglass figure with Long white hair, ears and tail with ice blue eyes. After vampirism the eyes change to a orange color.