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Occupation: Explorer/Student/GoAnimator

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Name: Cherry

Real Name: Bonnie

Nicknames: Sackboy, Cutie pie, Tiny, Sweetheart, Heroic , Fluffy, Early Bird, Baby Boy, Honey, Angel, Night owl, Prince charming, Boo, princess, creamy, BonBon, clefairy.
Nationality: European

Date of Creation: April 30, 1999

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual/Ambiguous Gender

Age: 15

Grade: 10th

Gender: Male, but looks quite genderless not too much for not having a male body parts.

Age stage: Teenager

Type: Premature teenager sackboy

Weight: bit chubby but somewhat heavy and more lighter. feminine Petite, really skinny with small butt and small hips, this is how he's less than 100 pounds (human form)

Body shape: Rectangle

Size: 0 Small as a Plush Teddy Bear but pretty small. 2-3(human form)

Shoe size: 2-4

Hair color: light golden blonde but it turn quite brighter in some versions.

Eye color: Black, gray(human version but it turn brown and grayish color in some version)

Hair Length: shoulder length that closer to his shoulders(2013-2015), pigtails that rolled up like a two buns(2013-2014), long hair with curls at end(2015), long, well groomed(2015)

Hairstyles: pigtails that rolled up like a two buns, shoulder length that covers his forehead even closer to his shoulders

Hair Quality: silky, glitterly, shiny

Hometown: Little Big Planet/Europe

Dream jobs: Florist, tailor, housewife, gardener, maid, singer, ballet dancer, dancer, vintage model, hair stylist, beauty pageant, bookstore clerk, pet gloomer, Waitress at café and diner, nurse, Preschool teacher, cook, babysitter, artist, crafter, explorer, actress, designer, opera singer. pianist, violinist, stewardess.

Species: Sackboy Plush(formerly), human(currently)

Zodiac Signs: Taurus

Traits: Pretty, Friendly, bubbly, cheerful, playful, fun, lovely, nice, funny , mischievous, ecstatic, outgoing, cute, adorable, sweet, dainty, joyful, childish, ticklish, Excitable, Hyper, beloved, loved, energetic, intelligent, blissful, brave, curious, beautiful, perky, jolly, well behaved, snuggly, autistic, ticklish, warm, neat, good. eccentric, wealthy, cleaver, typical, adventurous

Voice tone: Babylike, Little girl. high pitched, sound like a little bit normal girl(human)

Height: Only 8 centimeters tall 4'5(human form but he look like either 7-9 year old)

Mood: Happy

Skin color: Burlap (it was lighter and sometimes darker, brighter in Other users' videos)Pale(human form but turned into olive on some verison)

Goanimate voice: ivy, tween girl(Bruce Adriehl L. Concepcion's version)kalya(human voice)

Favorite Seasons:Spring, Summer, winter, fall

Favorite Instruments: piano, xylophone, horn, rattle, drums, tambourine, high triangle, Kazoo, egg shaker, rhythm sticks, cymbals, soprano sounder

Favorite Shapes:Stars, Hearts

Favorite Movie/TV Shows: Barbie series, i love eggs, Kirby, my little pony, pokemon, Alice in wonderland, carebears, cinderalla, disney princesses, snow white, little mermaid, tinkerbell and friends, crayon shin chan, Dr. Slump, Ojarumaru, Anpanman, Chibi Maruko-chan, bambi, hello kitty, Eto Ranger, sailor moon, candy candy,my little pony, super mario, tom and jerry, looney tunes, mickey mouse, ojamajo doremi, bananas in pyjamas, aristocats, angelina ballerina, Katy And The Katerpillar kids, sesame street, spongebob squarepants, teletubbies, Dora the explorer, Lalaloopsy, strawberry short cake. bubble guppies, Hello! Lady Lin, Little Memole , Fashion Lala Yori, Akko-chan's Secret, A Little Princess Sara,Happy Wedding, Princess World, Sweet Dream, Joanna, Kaze no Naka no Shoujo Kinpatsu no Jenny, Princess Lulu, Tokimeki Tonight, Dream Star Button Nose, Heidi, Girl of The Alps, Seika Junior, Lady Georgie,Milk Chocolate, Miracle Puppy, peppa pig, the wiggles, Candy candy, little lulu, brady bunch, bewitched, the flintstones, andy Griffith show, I Dream of Jeannie, The Lucy Show, Howdy Doody, I love lucy, magic lady, the cosby show, golden girls, the Mario show, alvin and the chipmunks (only classic ones), Strawberry Shortcakes, mon colle knights, new sailor moon, max and ruby, hi-5, barney the purple dinosaur, frozen, shirly temple movies, a little princess, curly top, Heidi, the little colonel, bright eyes, the littlest rebel, baby take a bow, Rebecca of sunnybook farm, polly tix in Washington, dimples, little miss marker, wee willie winkie, poor little rich girl, captain January, stand up and cheer!, Just Around the Corner, Little Miss Broadway, Pajanimals, Heartcatch Precure, Cure Honey, Sailor Moon, Aikatsu!, PB&J Otter, tangled, Rolie Polie Olie, popples, Lady Lovely Locks, doraemon, Sylvanian Families, Maple Town, Bali,  other tv shows.

Favorite tv shows genres: kids, comedy, sitcom, cartoon

Favorite Fruits: Oranges, Peaches, strawberries, cherries, plum, watermelon, lemon, apple, grapes, pineapple, bananas, blueberries, berries, kiwis

Favorite Characters: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twlight Sparkle, Sweetie belle, Cuddles, giggles, toothy, princess peach, princess daisy, yoshi, toad, princess rosalina, princess toadette, diamond tiara, Mario, Luigi, Kirby, birdo, apple jack, SpongeBob, Elmo, Zoe, Abby,

Favorite Supernaturals: Fairies, Pixies , Mermaids

Favorite Pokemon: Pikachu, jigglypuff, pichu, Eevee, luvdisc, Squirtle, piplup, wigglytuff, mew, plusle and minun, celebi, togepi, shaymin, chikorita, clefairy, chansey, skitty. snubbull, bellossom, miniccino, lilligant, pachirisu, bellsprout, smoochum, igglybuff, cleffa, clefable, happiny, blissey, Azurill, wynaut. audino, squirtle, mew, teddiursa, meowth, pichu, charmander, bulbasaur, other cute pokemon

Favorite pokemon types: Normal, water, grass, ice

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream, rainbow sherbert, chocolate chip, bananana, Swirl, Rocky road

Favorite Disney characters: Minne Mouse, Daisy Duck, belle, Marie, cinderella, aurora, snow white, rapunzel, ariel, alice, jasmine, tiana, elsa, anna,

Favorite Mario boards: Sweet dream, rainbow dreams, toy dream. Woody woods

Favorite Weather: Sunny, Rain, Snow

Favorite Holidays: Easter day, Patrick day, valentines day, Christmas

Favorite Outside Activities: Jumping on trampoline, Swings, hopscotch, catch a ball, Skipping Rope, playing tag, cops or robbers, hide and seek, pull a rope, hula hoops, Castle, Duck, duck, goose, Picnic, Camping, Marbles, other games

Favorite Game system: Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, gameboy, nintendo ds, other nintnedo system

Favorite Places: Amusement parks, candy shop, playground, mall, movie theater, parks, beaches, Chuck E. Cheese, other places for recreation

Favorite Clap Games: Miss mary mack, pat-a-cake, Miss Susie, i don't want go<nowiki><br /></nowiki>to to mexico no more more more

Favorite Sports: Tennis, Baseball, golf

Favorite Video games: Super Mario series, Cooking mama, pac-man, Kirby series, Pokemon, Pikimin, banjo kazooie, Mario tennis, Purble Place, animal crossing, Shining stars, Star stable, baby hazel, dress up games, cooking games, makeup games, salon games, kids games, Nintendo dogs, Nintendo cats, Mario party series, Sonic The Hedgehog, SuperTux

Favorite Insects: Butterflies, Ladybugs, Bees, Dragonfly, grasshoppers. fireflies

Favorite Food: Fish bites, goldfish crackers, french toasts, pizza, Chicken nuggets, peas, carrots, corn, peanut and jelly sandwich, tuna sandwich, chicken, Broccoli, beef sliders, chicken sliders, hamburgers,  apple dumplings, beef dumplings, chicken dumplings, cassoles, burritos, eggs, sausages, spaghatti, other food

Favorite Desserts: Cakes, pies, ice cream, pudding, jello, gertain, Peach Cobbler, muffins, cheesecake, macarons, crepes, cherry danish dessert, mochi, caramel pudding, custard pie,  ecliair cake, doughnuts filled with jelly and cream, eclair doughnuts,  ambrosia, Clafoutis, mousse, yule log, devil dogs, floating island,  opera cake, ''Poire belle Hélène, '' Pot de creme''', ''' ice cream sandwich, popsicle, other dessert

Favorite Snacks: Potato chips, crackers, fruit snacks, dried fruits, popcorn

Favorite Candy: Chocolate bar, lollipop, vanilla, jellybeans, other candies

Favorite Drinks: Chocolate milk, strawberry milk, milk, orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, fruit punch, pineapple juice, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, moca

Favorite Flowers: Tulips, Roses, daisies, sunflowers, daffodils, pansies, Dandelion, poppies, Syringa

Favorite Animals: Bunnies, Cats , Dogs, Chicks, Ducklings, cubs, Lamb, sheep, fennec fox, hamsters, Piglets, Guinea pigs, squirrels. mini Ponies

Favorite cars: New beetle

Favorite zOMG zones: Village greens. bill's ranch, gold beach

Faovrite Months: March, April , May, June, February, December

Favorite Songs: Pop, Kiddie, classic, kids theme songs, country, Relaxation, classical

Favorite Colors: Pink, lime, pale yellow, mint, light blue, cream , lavander, white, red, blue, green

Favorite Soups: Tomato, onion, carrot, clams, creamy, pumpkin, sweet potato, chicken, beef, chili, squash, chowder, other soups

Favorite Cuisines: French, polish, British, English, Russian, American, Italian, Swedish, irish, Scottish, greek, Georgian, Hungarian, Roman, Ukrainian, Dannish, Spanish, Candian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Tawaniese, Chinese, etc

Theme songs: Mario Party 3 Music - The Winner is...Me!. anything I can do, twinkle little star, k.k Dixie, dance with me by wiggles, Kirby history music, lollipop by mika.

Loves: Cute/vintage/realistic/kids/Antique things, Sweet and sour food, Barbie music, lolita/girly/preppy fashion, toys, pop/kiddie songs, fluffs, bubbles, furries, adventures, girls clothes, Cuddling, his friends, making friends, hugs,candy, being holded, Tea party, Parties , Playgrounds, outside activities, games, ballet, baby clothes, jumping on bed, playing with children, being tickled , roleplay, Bump Threads, Question Threads, family, friends, Drawing a pictures, cooking, Angelic things, angelina ballerina ,sleeping with stuffed animals, kids show, Katy And The Katerpillar kids, Anons, Bear in the Big Blue House, avi arts, peppa pig , wiggles, explore, taking a walk, babysit, crafts, cleaning, rainbows, ipad, porcelain dolls, hanging out with people, grounded videos, GoAnimate, Google+, Google, ungrounded videos, surprising eggs, videos about toys and games,or his favorite tv shows, YouTube, My little pony, video games, other stuff.

Hates: Mean people, judgments, violence, being hurt, hip hop and rap, Bitter food, fighting , being ignored , boys clothes , being scolded, getting in trouble, blood/gore/adult movies/games, bullies, being called ugly, scary, or creepy, losing butter, jean pants except non-jeans include leggings, shorts, overalls, dress pants, capris not jean ones, stretch pants.


Lola (Mother)(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

Milo (Father)(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

Susie(Younger Sister)(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)  

Buddy(Baby Brother)(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

Cookie (Baby Sister)(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

Unamed Grandmother(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

Unamed Grandfather(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

Mary-sue (Aunt)(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

George (Uncle)(never seen on entire episodes but only on timeline)

Pet Dog (ButterSackboy (Friend/Partner/Playmate)

Abigail(GoAnimate daughter) 

Trinity Hayes(best friend/creator/guardian)

Favorite Supernaturals: Fairies, Pixies , Mermaids

Friends: Princess Peach, Barney the purple dinosaur, butter, sam and max, Kendra, keith, Daniel, connor, carly, Amelia, Minne mouse, daisy, belle, marie, cinderella, aurora, snow white, rapunzel, ariel, alice, jasmine, tiana, mickey mouse, Pinkie pie, fluttershy, twlight sparkle, Sweetie belle, Cuddles, giggles, toothy, princess daisy, yoshi, toad, princess rosalina, princess toadette, diamond tiara, mario, luigi, kirby, birdo, apple jack, spongebob, elmo, zoe, abby, <nowiki>[[Trinity Hayes]]</nowiki>, Bruce Adriehl L. Concepcion, Benjamin Nilsson, Benjamin's GoAnimate Grounded videos Channel, spike, Disney princesses, dora, Aaron, jack dawson, CalebComedian, ruthiec rainbow, grounded videos fans, Keegen, LouieLouie95, Eric, guyisbackable aka Blue Mario, <nowiki>[[Sophie the Otter]]</nowiki>, warren cook, wiggles ,Live Benamore, elsa, anna,<nowiki>[ TheAtheistGam er ]</nowiki> (close friend), wolfen richtophen, furries, ocs, RocketRaccoonFanatic, DariusIsAwesome2000, Optimus500050, mrlegofan404, Alex Kimble, Eric Smith, Eric's dad, Megan Watkins, Caroline0204, Pedro comedian2002, Charlotte redden, <nowiki>[[Caillou ]]</nowiki> , Erika, Zara, Annabelle, Matt, Ivan, Soichiro, Alicia, Janelle, Taylor JoliCoeur, Clarice, Desmond, Caleb, Princess Matilda, Fluttergirl, Lumpkin, Alex, Phillip,  Eric, Mara, Victor, ,Synyster Gates Uchiha, Adrianna, Andrew, Carlos Gómez,  AFFan2003 OWN VGCP, GoBaniBoy5171 SFTB TPNG OWN VGCP, Garrett Simmers, Luke Gaterell, Sascha Hi, Joey Nigro, TheVideoKid782, Joey Walsh,  Keegan, Bubsy Bobcat, Zealand Slikk, other good users and both GoFans and GoHaters, bad users even people on google+ and gaiaonline, Bitstrips, Facebook, other websites.

Goanimate Girlfriend: Catrena

Bio: Say hello to cherry, a premature teenager autistic sackboy! cherry is the fun little boy that will share your adventures on zOMG and events or, threads. He’s a little hessian sack, all stuffed with a cotton but he have only four fingers on his each hands. He's probably the cutest thing since some handy man crafted two button eyes or doll hair on a bag of fluff. Correction, he is the cutest thing since some handy man crafted two button eyes or doll hair on a bag of fluff! His creation date is on April 30th!. He always acting like a child even giggles like a little girl! He is like a Cute playful little Sackboy!


Cherry is a burlap sackboy who sports light blonde golden medium straight shoulder length hair that closer to his shoulders but later, grows long and curly but it was back to straight and stay long, On first created in 2012, he doesn't have a hair but now, he have curly pigtails. he wears purple mini dress that almost revealing his underwear in his back view, pink hairbow, pink heart shaped hairpin, distinctive white shoes that look like either flats or high heels with long socks with light blue ribbons on thigh parts that closer to his thighs, and pink  backpack but last year he have teddy bear one. In human form, cherry has a light golden straight medium blonde hair but grow long and curly, large gray eyes with long eyelashes and shine and sparkles in his iris which is close similar to Margeret Keane's artwork, slender feminine body with small hips and small butt, pale skin complexion but sometimes olive in some verisons, thin lips(the lip appears light pink in some verison), heart shaped head, small attached ears, small, thin small nose. his height was short but it made him look like either 7 and 9 year old, he also taller than kids, he was shorter than people of his age and older and other users even his GoAnimate girlfriend and his friends on google+.  but he wears high heels include pumps and boots that make him look tall. he's really beautiful boy just like a normal pretty little girl! He resembles some porcelain little dolls, it made him look like an Candice "Candy" White Audrey From Candy Candy. cherry's original undergarments was white sport bra and white underwear but his new undergarments was lavender bra with little bow on top of it and lavender underwear with white stripes with bow on front, in his late 2014 look, he wears red polo dress, red cardigan, red bloomers, pair of white socks, black shoes, red headband.

In Second outfit, Cherry wears red polo dress with pink collar(white on goanimate life) and pink pockets, red bloomers, white pantyhose, red maryjanes, red cardigan, red glasses, red hair bow, blush.

In Third Look, Cherry wears purple dress with green collar with black spots on front of the white part, long socks, black shoes, teddy bear messenger bag, purple hairbow, purple heart shaped hairclips

In Fourth Look, Cherry wears light blue puffy dress, light blue coat, light blue gloves, pink backpack, same shoes as a his originial look, light blue hat

In Fifth Look, he wears green plaid frock, green sweater with white lace on the shoulders, flower hairclip

In Sixth Look, He wears christmas Sweater, overalls, red heart hairclip

In Seventh Look, he wears purple mini dress, pink heart, pink hairbow, holding his teddy bear. his look look like original look

In eighth look, he wears light blue dress with white laces, white blouse, light blue hairbow with lace, white bloomers with bows, blue packback

in Ninth new look he wears pink hoodie(zipped on GoAnimate life), pink  sleeveless short dress,  light beige leggings, red shoes with ivory lace socks, pink headband, pink hair clips.

In his 10th look, he's wears light purple long sleeved shirt with red bow, pink vest, bright pink plaid skirt, pink and light pink scarf, light pink with pinkish purple socks.

In his 11th look, He wears white shirt, dark blue coat, dark blue skirt, black socks, black shoes, white gloves, dark blue hat

In his 12th look, cherry's hair was undo, and he wears red dress with cream colored trim way on side parts of dress. 4 buttons on the chest, bow around his upper body, tiny dark orange dots around the dress, cuffs with on the wrist part of dress, trim with lace on lower part of his dress, dark brown stockings, red pumps with yellow ring. he wears red bloomers under it. cherry have small brown purse with red bows on the strap.

In his 11th look, he wears red polo dress, red cardigan, red bloomers, pair of white socks, black shoes, red headband.

In 2015, his hair was grow long and rolled to wavy at ends, he wear same outfit as 2014

In 2015 again, Cherry's hair was changed back to straight, still long, he wear same outfit as 2014.

In 2016, Cherry wears tan shirt with white collar and cuffs with a deer logo, long green skirt with yellow trim, Ivory colored leggings, Green sweater, tan pom poms hat, tan loafers with white socks.

During concert, he wears lavender dress, pink shoes, purple hairbow, tiara, cat wears, blush make up.

In runescape, cherry wears brown rope with star shaped logo on front, red gloves, muti color boots, star symbol necklace. when he's not wearing his robe, his outfit was different from his original outfit.

In his spring look, cherry wears light blue tennis dress, blue legging, dark blue flats, flower pin.

In his summer look, cherry wears a light blue dress with flower pattern, straw hat with blue ribbon wrapped aroind, blue sandals

Cherry has autism.

Cherry has delayed puberty

Cherry's Sexual Orientation was pansexual

Cherry doesn't make any angry faces.

Cherry is known for his 1500s, 1600s 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, 1910s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s fashion

you know Bonnie is a given name of a female

Cherry wears different outfits

Cherry only likes watch 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, comedy/sitcom tv shows, even watch kids tv shows

In goanimate only, cherry can be used as a dad, brother, friend, boyfriend, housemate for goanimate series. in gaiaonline, he can be used as brother, friend, housemate, boyfriend, etc.

Cherry's undergarments was white sport bra and white underwear.

Cherry is a girl name

Cherry's role models are jonbenét ramsey, Shirley Temple, Honey Boo-Boo, other beauty pageants, child actors, characters

Cherry have unlimited life span. so, he live forever

Cherry will cry easily if anyone taunts him.

Cherry doesn't make any grounded videos but he likes to watching them.

Cherry has no organs, bones, muscles. he was stuffed with cottons inside him

Cherry never actually fights anybody in AwesomeAdriehl The Movie. He tricks bad guys into being defeated by other good guys.

Cherry is often seen with his hair down.

Cherry only makes funtime family series.

Cherry's real classmates are Amy, matthew, kate, jack, emma, Ariel, chris, michael.

Cherry have a shoulder length hair but rolled up like a two buns. However, he doesn't undo his hair except pajamas wear and any reasons, bathtime, while he brushing his hair, swimsuit, other outfits.

Cherry doesn't write bad comments on user's channel and videos nor makes severe messages to them and make video out of them.

Cherry will giggle if anyone makes face at him.

Cherry doesn't yell or scream even moan, groan. he only squeals and cry louder.

Cherry occasionally come to rally and Virtual Hollywood but he prefer towns and towns 2 even zOMG better.

Cherry's youtube account: [ Bonnie the sackboy]

Cherry's google + account:

[ Bonnie the sackboy]

Cherry's GoAnimate account:

[ bonniethesackboy]


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DominiqueBabyBlueBay Report | 04/07/2015 4:28 pm
i'm okay can we trade?
DominiqueBabyBlueBay Report | 04/06/2015 6:04 am
hi how are you?
iPandalita Report | 04/05/2015 5:52 am
You're welcome! Have a great weekend! 4laugh
iPandalita Report | 04/05/2015 5:49 am
Happy Easter Day Cherry! whee
DominiqueBabyBlueBay Report | 04/04/2015 3:56 pm
hi how are you?
Giga Paladin acefreedom Report | 03/28/2015 5:14 am
Giga Paladin acefreedom
oh cherry you getting that new animal crossing game?
DominiqueBabyBlueBay Report | 03/27/2015 6:28 am
cool thanks
DominiqueBabyBlueBay Report | 03/26/2015 2:23 pm
hi how do you like my avatar?
Twincest Hikaru Report | 03/23/2015 6:44 pm
Twincest Hikaru
I moved accounts, I just moved back here.
Giga Paladin acefreedom Report | 03/22/2015 6:14 am
Giga Paladin acefreedom
so what games you play on your ds cherry?


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