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Gender: Female

Location: In the living room.

Occupation: Texting.

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A Little About The Bowler.

20 Random Facts About Me!

1. My name is Chelsea
2. I'm 20 years old
3. I enjoy roleplaying
4. I spend more time online than I probably should
5. My hair color is currently brown and turquoise
6. I have 7 piercings and one tattoo
7. I have 2 dogs and a rabbit
8. Still living with family.
9. This is harder than I thought.
10. I am the second youngest in my family.
11. I have never been to the ocean
12. I'm 5' 5"
13. I have some pretty amazing friends outside of gaia
14. I'm dyslexic.
15. I like to journal
16. I have developed severe allergies recently
17. I have brown eyes
18. Glasses suck
19. My favorite color is purple
20. My room is the size of a shoe box.

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My World Is My Stories

I'll write about anything. Break ups, Make ups, Being be friends, songs, stories, poems. Anything.

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boyfriendgirlfriend Report | 01/19/2014 5:48 pm
happy birthday, girl!
hope everything turns out better!
kaitoofrose Report | 10/27/2013 8:25 am
kaitoofrose Report | 10/27/2013 8:19 am
kaitoofrose Report | 10/14/2012 6:06 pm
kaitoofrose Report | 07/17/2012 6:53 pm
SexyChick1993 Report | 06/09/2012 12:32 pm
I was born at 11:50 just before lunch! Haha. Thanks!
Home for the Hartless Report | 06/03/2012 5:31 pm
Home for the Hartless Report | 06/03/2012 5:25 pm
Home for the Hartless Report | 06/03/2012 5:05 pm
ill get on yim since my phone sucks. whats your screen name?
Home for the Hartless Report | 06/03/2012 10:20 am
yes, gaia is being a jerkasaurus...

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