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-waves cutely-
I'm Zeke, but most call me Momo.
I'm 30 years old.

I like to play WoW and Minecraft. If you have a server, just drop me a line and we can talk more. I like to work on my digital coloring, and even make products on IMVU under the user name Monix.

I totally love anime, my number one favorite is xxxHolics. My other favorites are Fairy Tail, One Piece, Blue Exorcist, Black Butler, Rave Master, Zombie Powder, and Love Stage!.

My hobbies are cooking, knitting, coloring and RPing. I'm a pretty open book, so if you wanna know more, just ask me. :3 Thanks for stopping by!

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WildFoxAppears Report | 05/27/2015 8:51 pm
i don't know how to go through that on IMUV .-. The summon i don't understanding it .-.
WildFoxAppears Report | 05/27/2015 8:33 pm
LIES !! ... >.< I do want to hang out ! >:
WildFoxAppears Report | 05/27/2015 8:13 pm
ah yea getting net crapping out is a b***h .that is what happened one day when my mom was getting pissed and she threw the modum shocked its still working she split that thing two DX
WildFoxAppears Report | 05/27/2015 8:04 pm
i was just wondering. you were on ealier but then you went off " snuggles "I hope the pain goes away soon " nuzzles cutely.
WildFoxAppears Report | 05/27/2015 7:53 pm
are you ,, are you mad .... . "
WildFoxAppears Report | 05/27/2015 1:12 pm
sneak sneak sneak " You okay love ?" Nuzzles and then kisses chu OxO " I hope your okay i am going to be in and out doing lundry and once its done i will be free for the rest of the night " giggles
-Loveless-Kai Report | 05/23/2015 12:03 am
It was cute though >w< I like this current outfit of yours as well. xD You have the best outfits!
-Loveless-Kai Report | 05/22/2015 9:41 pm
I'm jelly. I want your outfit, hon xD
WildFoxAppears Report | 05/21/2015 5:45 pm
its okay" nuzzles and then licks chu cheek OuO
WildFoxAppears Report | 05/21/2015 5:12 pm
giggles " I have a few dark things only cause of dark moods or something and a warning sign " nods nod then nuzzles ".. OuO trying to get different lighter colors DX

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