Questing Info

I'm after all the animal things! The ones on my WL are just the bases and some that aren't in stores. Ones I need from the stores are as followed:

Loyal's Bazaar
Just the Minis are needed

Skin Tyte
Just need the Gaia Cash Furs

Current Furs I Own:
Silver Wolf Fur
Lavender Wolf Fur
Ice Husky Fur
Arctic Lynx Cat Fur
Corgi Fur
Red Panda Fur
Pale Green Cat Fur
Polar Panda Fur
Pale Green Wolf Fur
Pale Green Bear Fur
Burnt Orange Cat Fur
Burnt Orange Bear Fur
Burnt Orange Wolf Fur
Yellow Cat Fur
Yellow Wolf Fur
Yellow Bear Fur
Light Brown Cat Fur
Light Brown Bear Fur
Light Brown Wolf Fur
Chocolate Bear Fur
Chocolate Wolf Fur
Black Bear Fur
Pale Blue Cat Fur
Itsy Bitsy Biter
Ribbon Spinner
Blissful Forest Fawns
Teddy Bear Brothers
Pink Siamese Cat Fur

Current Items I Own:
Ribbon Candy
The Madd Hatter x2
Paw Clip
Rosamund's Passion
Sly's Regard
Her Darkness
Tunnu's Warmth x2
Harayama's Strength
Ringa Ling
Mini Astra-1: Jiggly Eyes
Clever Doll
Akiva's Dexterity x3
Shibuya Nobody
Strawberry Social
Princess of the World
Loving Manner
Gothic Teaset x4
Spicy Chai
Lil Pikelet x2
Doufu Hua
North Kitten Star
Junior Professor x2

Gifts I've Been Given, Tons of Love for Them

26 gifts received

  • Secret Keepsakes

    From ???

  • Collectible Letter Bundle for July 2014

    From ???

  • [Animal] Frostee Treets Green Apple Grunny Dreempop

    From konakonak

  • [Animal] Meat Bun

    From ???

  • Eat Me!

    From ???

  • The Lotus and The Shadow Bundle

    From Cyberweasel89

  • Striking Features (10 pack)

    From Cyberweasel89

  • Monthly Collectible Letter for December 2013

    From The Earl Phantomhive

  • Compass of Seidh 12th Gen

    From private

  • Peyokon

    From private

Chef Zeke LeDeltrie