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Powers and Abilities

Aerokinesis: Jin's most obvious power is his ability to manipulate wind. He is able to control wind to such an extent that he can produce it as a show of power, flight, barrier or powerful wind-based punches. Jin's wind based speed has a limit, as he cannot exceed the speed of the wind itself. However, his own speed more than makes up for this flaw. Jin mainly uses quick melee attacks in battle, often employing hit and run tactics, flying away to avoid potentially dangerous situations. He can easily defend himself from long range as well, making him a difficult opponent. By the time of the Makai tournament, Jin has learned more long range attacks, allowing him to fight from a distance, and making up for his weakness of having to charge at his foes.

Flight: Jin is able to manipulate the wind to give him the ability to fly. While this gives him an advantage over slower ground based opponents, he can only fly as fast as the wind can take him.

Tornado Fist: By spinning his arms in a circular motion with great speed, a small twister forms around his wrist. The middle is hollow, this allows him to punch the opponent. Should the target dodge, the force of the wind would knock them back, if not wound them and can be used as a shield against point-black attacks.

Double Tornado Fist
: He charges up Tornado Fists on both arms, making it more difficult to evade.

Wind Barrier: Jin summons wind around him to form a Tornado to protect him from Yusuke's Spirit Gun or any other attack.

Tornado Fist Explosion: Jin uses this attack in the Demon World Tournament to release a gigantic tornado from his fist to attack the opponent. There also is an electrical component to this technique, as seen from the crackling electricity around the tornado when Jin unleashed this technique in the preliminaries. This attack is highly explosive due to the wind and lightning combined. This attack was even powerful enough to knock down one of the most powerful S-Class demons in the Makai down temporarily.

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iAdorkableKitty Report | 07/17/2014 7:48 am
Thank you <3
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Good morning razz
How are you?
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Life has been good. My boyfriend asked me to move in with him in September, and for our birthdays we're going to Vegas in August. Plus I get my Saw tattoo in
August <3
But work today sucked >.<
What about your life?
iAdorkableKitty Report | 07/01/2014 9:14 am
You're welcome <3
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Thank you for your purchase of Astra: Mint Breeze heart
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Silver Sun Howler
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Oh you don't have a normal computer? D:

I get bored on here quickly now for some reason.

Meh lol
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CB, the flash games, and zOMG mostly. And I lurk on people's profiles a lot. 3nodding
Etheziel Report | 06/04/2014 11:23 pm
True I suppose xP
Etheziel Report | 06/04/2014 10:57 pm
Yeah I know they release way too many new items at once now. .___.
Cheerful Jin

GONE, be back soon!

GONE, be back soon!