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Based in Makati, Philippines.
Eighteen on September 1st.
International Business Student.

Said to be a perfectionist, dreamer, artistic,
studious, hopeless romantic and achiever.
Although, I beg to differ on those.

Most of the time, I explore by myself in the city.
Fond of drawing people and taking photos.
Fascinated by buildings and city skylines.

Talk to me

DeviantART | Tumblr


HOBBIES: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Graphic Designing, Piano, Violin, Badminton, Futsal and Running

TV SHOWS: Grey's Anatomy, iZombie, Sherlock Holmes, Gossip Girl, Doctor Who, Bear Grylls, Cake Boss, Asia's Next Top Model and America's Next Top Model

MUSIC: EDM, The Script, Parachute, Paramore, 30STM, A Rocket To The Moon, All Time Low, American Authors, Bastille, FOB, Lawson, Maroon 5, One Republic, Panic at the Disco, Simple Plan and Snow Patrol


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Zeus_Light Report | 04/27/2015 8:20 am
Yes, you described me very well. I find happiness in solitude. emotion_kirakira

Hmm, so do you party excessively? emotion_dowant

Yes, I'm from Antipolo, but I haven't been there yet. smile
Zeus_Light Report | 04/27/2015 7:59 am
It's okay. Tingnan mo, ako naman yung slr. Sorry rofl
Hmm, matagal na, mag kakaklase kami before, rofl

Ayos lang sakin, baka weird ako. Aminado naman ako kasi diba hindi naman normal na maging masaya sa mga ganung places na mag isa. Hahaha.
Eh wala, ganun ako. Hahaha.

Yun nga lang, hahaha hindi naman kasi ako mahilig mag rave. I don't even know what that means, Jesus I feel so old. sweatdrop

Yes I'm very used to stroll alone, smile
Zeus_Light Report | 04/27/2015 3:05 am
Yes, rofl Sabi kasi nila magantay daw ako. Antay naman ako. XD Mga ilang oras ako sa meeting place namin, tapos sabi na lang nila, uy pare nakauwi na kami. Mga G*g* emo
Sila, sila lang yung mag babakasyon rofl Hindi ako sumama, not that I have a grudge on them but I just wanted to stay at home, smile

Thank you! emotion_hug
Mag Boboracay daw sila, hindi naman ako naiinggit, XD Kung pupunta man ako dun, ako lang mag isa. Introvert kasi ako. rofl

It's okay, emotion_hug I love talking to you XD
Zeus_Light Report | 04/27/2015 2:29 am
Actually medyo badtrip ako sa mga colleagues ko, kasi pinagtripan nila ako, kasi may lakad kami nung isang araw, tapos hindi nila ako sinama parang mga ewan. gonk Meron daw silang mga gagawin for, I don't know, 2 to 3 days? Baka mag vacation, mga tamad. rofl

When I read your story about your dinner with your blockmates, I was laughing so hard because of your classmate who used a fork to put the fire out. rofl
What was she thinking? rofl Kung ako rin naman eh, mawawala rin sa sarili kung ganun biglaan yung nangyari.

Yeah, puro pahinga lang yung weekend ko. sweatdrop

I don't find you annoying. smile Promise! emotion_hug
Zeus_Light Report | 04/26/2015 9:19 pm
I was so tired. sweatdrop

Sorry, can I still hear your story? smile How was your day? Did you have fun?

*Oh and thanks for the compliment rofl
Zeus_Light Report | 04/26/2015 7:39 am
Hey smile
Zeus_Light Report | 04/25/2015 2:35 am
Sorry laging late reply sweatdrop
Medyo nahihilo kasi ako, puyat gonk Nakatulog na naman XD

Ganun? Well I do that too, even though I don't drink, my buddies still invite me to their sessions. I'm take care of my tipsy friends too rofl
Zeus_Light Report | 04/25/2015 12:28 am
Yes, susulitin ko talaga yung 2 days na pahinga. gonk
Ang pangit kasi nung experience ko nung first time kong uminom. sweatdrop Ang cocky ko daw kasi nung nalasing ako, wala akong matandaan the next day, ang natatandaan ko puro pasa ako kasi nakipagaway daw ako. rofl
And parang allergic ata ako sa alcoholic drinks, so yeah. I don't drink 3nodding

Hahaha it's mine! emotion_omnomnom
Zeus_Light Report | 04/24/2015 9:37 pm
Hi Anne. emotion_yatta
It's my day off rofl

Nope, I'm not a drinker. XD

*Eats all the pastry rofl
Zeus_Light Report | 04/23/2015 11:30 pm
Hahaha, sure sure. rofl
Hmm, I've been really busy for the past few days. 3nodding
Why, is she suffering from any kind of problem? sad Talk to her. 3nodding
No, don't drink. Drinking is bad. rofl Just kidding, just don't drink too much. emotion_hug
It's very stressful -_-



Last Login: 04/27/2015 8:57 am

Gender: Female

Location: Makati, PH

Birthday: 09/01

Occupation: Business Student/Artist




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