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In order to get the hang of my personality you should know:

1. I prefer DC heros over Marvel, though I do make exceptions for The Avengers, Iron Man, Captan America, and The Hulk.

2. No one can convince me that Batman is not the greatest superhero that has ever exited or ever will (because he is, so shut up).

3. d**k Grayson is the love of my life, I am 110% devoted to his character. I don't know why but that little circus acrobat turned hero has a special place in my heart and he's there to stay.

4. 90's cartoons, at least some of them, are my life blood. Chances are, if you name one, I've watched every season at least twice. I've recently watched a few again this year; talk about blast from the past.

5. I read, write, and draw, and if I can put those talents to work for you, let me know--I occasionally have a thread going in the Art Freebies section if you're down, but feel free to send me a PM, promise I don't bite.


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