About Moi

Bienvenue , mes amis, to my profile.

In case you are unaware, I am the ringmaster of the Cirque du Gothique, Monsieur Loyal. I am also the main attraction of Carnival du Gothique, and the proprietor of Loyal's Bazaar. I've entertained in quite a few venues since my introduction to this little corner of Gaia. Still, the show must go on, yes?

Currently I'm in the midst of setting up some brand new acts for my circus, so pardon if I seem a bit busy. However, that does not mean I am not approachable! Feel free to send me a PM, I respond quickly, usually. Profile comments, not so much.

I'm always happy to entertain fangirls and fanboys alike when I have the time. Just be sure to remember whose circus you're entering and who you're dealing with, yes? We wouldn't want any...unnecessary violence~.

Now, with all the pleasantries out of the way, please...enjoy the show.

((Note: This is an RP account for the ringmaster, not the [NPC]. ))