♠ Notes ♠

Hello, my name is Michelle, but feel free to call me Michie, Charcoal, Wraith, whatever suits you. c:

Currently, I'm not really into Gaia, what with a new career and all.
However, I can be found on Deviant Art, under this same username. If you're interested in chatting, pop me a message there.

As for all my fantastic friends and the like here, I'm sorry guys. I miss you all, just... Gaia is more than lack-luster for me. </3

Also, do not ask me for my items. I will not be giving them away (unless its of my volition). Chances are good that I'll clean out my inventory for specific art of my OCs.
Once decided on what I'm doing exactly, I'll probably make a thread or something of the sort. Meh.

♠ Art ♠

Art I've purchased for avatars and/or OC's.

[Ethereal O1] [Ethereal O2]

Currently, I'm looking for art for my OCs. If you're interested you may PM me or contact me on DA to at least get my attention back to Gaia.

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♠ Credits ♠

Art by CrystalAngelNeko
Code by Charcoal Wraith
Charcoal Wraith