keeping it short and sweet

Calie || 20-something || ♍ || female || taken


I'm all ******** up, just like you.
An artistic oddball, still working at making a spot
for myself in this world.

I come off a bit cold, but contrary to popular belief
I do love people.
So don't be afraid to drop me a message, okay?
I might bite, but who doesn't these days?

Body Modification, RPGs/MMOs, Foxes, Gore/Blood,
Bones/Skulls, Cosmetology, Alternative Fashion,
the Occult, Sleeping for Days, Medical Science,
Cyber Goth, Industrial, Visual Kei, Abandoned Buildings, Photography,
ATS Bellydance, Hookah, Ocarinas, Singing, Foreign Languages

Humid and Sticky Weather, Anxiety, Feeling Left Out,
People that Walk Ridiculously Slow, Bugs!, Overly Sensitive and Easily Offended People, Exaggerative Weebs, Condescending and All-Knowing Attitudes

Before you even ask, I do have a Deviant Art.
I don't use it (yet), I'm looking into going digital. We'll see.
If I start uploading my work at any point, I'll link it here.
I'm pretty shy about it.

On a related note,

If you decide to make me art, I'll display it in my sig and journal.
I don't use my journal here for anything else, so it might as well be a gallery for your talent.